adidas Originals NMD City Sock – Light weight, comfy and radical!

adidas Originals launched the NMD City Sock as part of their Spring Summer 2016 line-up. I was sent a pair to take a look at. I ended up keeping it!

Here is a quick video review of the sneaker, we take a closer look and at how it fairs on feet:

Ever since the NMD was launched by adidas Originals, they began flying off shelves almost immediately. The City Sock is a mid-top variant which features Primeknit technology on the Black and White upper. It has been completely stripped off it’s laces. The collar has been elasticated so it fits right around your ankle, much like the Tubular Doom I had featured here. And then there are the sole plugs on the side which are all black on the City Sock, keeping the overall tone monochromatic. The sock construction has taken the sneaker market by storm. With the Roshe, Tubular and now the NMD (also the Yeezy) boasting of it. Looks like sneaker companies want us slipping our bare feet into their kicks. Me, I still prefer the comfort of a sock, invisible or not. Nothing beats it, so far. Plus in humid conditions like the one I live in, they come in handy to fight off the inevitable stench arising from sweaty feet. I am all for “stepping out” of your comfort zone, but hygiene is priority! Ha.

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

The sole runs Boost through its entire length. It is interesting how adidas is leveraging the Boost soles. Safe to say, it was their trump card through 2015 also featuring on the Yeezy drops. The year 2015 in itself was quite a dynamic one for Adidas. Sales were through the roof and cultural prevalence was never so tangible for the brand with the 3 stripes. Collaborations with artists like Pharrell Williams and building a brand from the ground with Kanye West for the Yeezy line, pushed Adidas to the forefront of lifestyle sneaker fashion. And we can easily see it dominating the lifestyle sneaker brand through 2016.

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

Monochrome Men's Fashion

Outfit from above adidas Originals NMD City Sock

Wait, did I tell you yet what NMD stands for? I guess not. Well, it stands for Nomad. Although I went for the longest time calling it the Nomadic. Or is it the other way around? Ok I am confused and too lazy to google right now.

The NMD draws from 3 iconic Adidas sneakers from the 80s – Micro Pacer, Boston Super and Rising Star. According to the brand, the NMD is designed for the nomadic lifestyle of today. A life without boundaries. A super comfortable and lightweight sneaker, that fuses performance and lifestyle, making it fashionable along the way. That is quite a lot packed into this (what would appear to the naked eye) rather simple sneaker.

Monochrome Men's Fashion

Monochrome Men's Fashion

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

Oh yes, they glow in the dark! Bet you didn’t know that!

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones.

Outfit Deets:

Shirt – Green Hill Garment
Shorts – Tom Tailor
Leggings – Adidas Performance
Watch – Casio G Shock
Glasses – RayBan Wayfarer

This shoot was so impromptu! It wasn’t planned at all. I was out having dinner with friends and decided to go get this sneaker shot. We roamed around the very obvious Asiatic Library area before we made our way to the Bandra foot-bridge near the station.

Monochrome Fashion Men

adidas Originals NMD City Sock

adidas Originals NMD City Sock


  1. […] The sizing and fit is extremely snug and I would strongly recommend going true to size if you like them fitting you like a sock. To the contrary if you want breathing space for your toes or have broad feet, you might want to consider going up half a size. Considering the upper is all Primeknit though, I don’t think that should be an issue. Primeknit stretches out quite well when you wear the shoes. The Tubular Doom was my first ever Primeknit sneaker and then there was the NMD City Sock. […]


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