Outfits And Sneakers I Wore For My Birthday! (Late Post)

I know I am super late to this post. But since we’re wrapping up the year, I thought I should do this one. I have seldom celebrated my birthday. Almost never, in fact. My friends have tried on occasion to brighten my day, for which I really appreciate them.

This year, it was spent in Mangalore. Although I did my best to spend it overseas (likely in Malaysia or Vietnam) as that wast the plan all along. But unforeseen circumstances led to me having to spend it in Mangalore.

Mom got me a cake, but I did not have any of my usual friends around. So it was just me going to bars with Roshan (Bejoy was also visiting that time) for drinks, and that served as a way of me celebrating my birthday. Although they didn’t know it was my birthday, it most certainly was a better way to spend it than moping at home on Netflix.

Before we get into the outfits, let’s take a quick look at my birthday vlog on my YouTube channel:

And now, for what I wore on the night of July 8th, as well as on July 9th. You can see I repeated the shorts, but I changed the rest of the fit, to keep it different.

Allen Claudius Menswear Fashion Style Blogger
Monsoon Ready
Air Max 1 Clot Kiss Of Death
Such an underrated pair, Air Max 1 Clot Kiss Of Death is.
Allen Claudius Indian Sneakerhead
Thrifted fit for my Birthday in ’22
Air Jordan 1 Storm Blue
Air Jordan 1 Storm Blue

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or questions on these outfits. I have detailed them in a list below for your reference, just in case.


  • Air Jordan 1 Storm Blue
  • Air Max 1 Clot “Kiss of Death”

Outfit Details


  • Omega Seamaster
  • Luxellery Rings
  • Supreme Socks

All images shot on an iPhone by Roshan Images.

You can see my outfits uploaded real-time on my Instagram here.


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