Outfits And Sneakers I Wore Through November In Mangalore!

Ever since I moved to Mangalore (was meant to be temporary but it’s been 6 months) I have lost the motivation to step out. When I do, it’s mostly for chores. Lol.

I mean, I thank my decision for having traveled to Malaysia, Vietnam, etc, because that gave me the much needed distraction/motivation that I needed.

But the 1 time a week I do step out, I try and get a fit pic. That serves as the main driver for me to actually wear an outfit, rather than slip on crocs with my shorts. As you can tell, I only ever stepped out 4 times in the entire month. Lol. Even then, I have been keeping my fits to a minimum, and simple. Like how they’ve always been.

Before we get into the outfits, let’s take a quick look at my life in Mangalore vlog from my YouTube channel:

And now, we go to the outfits.

Allen Claudius Streetwear Influencer
Elevator pic in the Huemn Bukowski tee
Varsity Maize Dunk High
The Varsity Maize Dunk High

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or questions on these outfits. I have detailed them in a list below for your reference, just in case.


  • Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0
  • Crocs X Salehe Bembury Pollex Clog
  • Varsity Maize Dunk High
  • Salomon XT4
Shattered Backboard Air Jordan 1 High
Shattered Backboard 3.0 Air Jordan 1 High
Allen Claudius Streetwear Influencer
Black and Yellow
Allen Claudius Streetwear Influencer
Parking lot fit pic

Outfit Details

  • Rhuigi RHU Cargo Pants
  • Brain Dead Dubai Exclusive Tee
  • Rhuigi RHU Denim Shorts
  • Carhartt WIP Carpenter Jeans
  • Stone Island Cargo Pants
  • Patagonia Tee
  • Heron Preston Tee
  • Huemn Bukowski Tee


  • G Shock 

All images shot on an iPhone.

You can see my outfits uploaded real-time on my Instagram here.

Allen Claudius Streetwear Influencer
Views from the Bolar Sea Face

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