adidas Running Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

We try out the Ultra Boost by adidas Running. The Uncaged version, no less. And why would I bother with running shoes, you ask? Well, because I would like to get fit at some point in my life and wouldn’t like that stopped for want of good equipment.

A quick on feet review to get things started from my YouTube channel.

And frankly, adidas has been doing a rather bang up job with every new drop. From the iconic Superstars, to the fastest selling NMDs in the originals line-up. But that doesn’t mean, the running division is left behind. Ultra Boosts have transcended the thin line between performance and lifestyle by catching the fancy of sneaker heads, the world over.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged
Living on the ledge!
adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged
adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged with Continental rubber outsole!

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

When it dropped, the Ultra Boost shattered the perception of what a pure performance sneaker would be capable of. The combination of Boost running through the sole and the Primeknit upper paved the way for the future. There was just one thing, consumers thought could be better. They wanted the shoe to be a lot slicker and cleaner. Which is why the trend of cutting out the cage came into being. Instagram was filled with images of people with their latest Ultra Boosts, a pair of scissors and the remainder of what was the 3 striped plastic support cage from the mid-foot, lying on the ground. It partially had to do with the fact that the last row of the cage foiled with the ankles of some wearers.

Perhaps what the people were doing was trying the emulate the successful NMD series or the earlier Yeezy 350s.

The Ultra Boost Uncaged retains the boost sole throughout, as in earlier versions. The heel is supported with a cup that is added on the otherwise entirely Primeknit upper. The Ultra Boost branding has hits of silver and gold that come together well on the black hell support. Needless to say, the Boost cushioning is out of this world. It is bloody amazing. I have a range of sneakers with varied cushioning tech and the Boost is right there with the best, at the top of the league.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged
Prime Knit Upper.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

The collar on the Uncaged has a well bound elasticated band. There is a kind of fusing (if I can call it that) over the lace eyelets to keep them in place and eliminate the probability of rips and tears. The medial side has additional lower set eyelets if you would want a snugger fit on the mid foot. The outsole on which the Boost rides, is made of Continental rubber. That’s right, the tire manufacturer ensures it takes a beating and keeps the Boost precious.

The sizing and fit is extremely snug and I would strongly recommend going true to size if you like them fitting you like a sock. To the contrary if you want breathing space for your toes or have broad feet, you might want to consider going up half a size. Considering the upper is all Primeknit though, I don’t think that should be an issue. Primeknit stretches out quite well when you wear the shoes. The Tubular Doom was my first ever Primeknit sneaker and then there was the NMD City Sock.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

And if you were wondering, with the cage gone and the tell-tale stripes missing on the lateral side, what about the branding? Well, it is in the toe-box area albeit very discrete in it’s presence. I like!

I don’t know how often am I going to pound the pavement with these beauties but I have every intention to. I guess my Instagram posts should tell you, if I have been putting them to proper use. But then again, nobody wants to see a sweaty, wobbly man on social media. So, maybe not!

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged
Uncaged On The Edge!


  1. How did it compare with Adidas ultraboost when you ran in them. As the uncaged version doesn’t have the midfoot cage. is it supportive enough for running. Which do you prefer for a running shoe. Also which is a more breathable and comfortable shoe. Thanks. Steve


    • In terms of comfort, they both are at par. I would say, the uncaged more so because the mid foot cage fouls with my forefoot at times. However, for running I would recommend the Ultraboost over the Uncaged. Although I run every day in the uncaged (not had any issues for a year now), whenever I travel I use an Ultraboost and the mid foot support is a lot more evident on it.

      Hope this helps?


      • Thanks for helpful advice.
        Which is more breathable in hot weather. Also is it the same level of cushioning underneath. Which is the faster shoe or are they equal? How far would you run in an uncaged vs caged version. Thanks


      • The level of cushioning is the same on both models. The uncaged I find more breathable because the knit is thinner than on the caged. I run the same distance in both shoes. I am not a professional runner so cannot comment on which of the 2 is faster.


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