adidas Originals NMD XR1 Duck Camo – The Closest to the BAPE NMD you can get!

adidas Originals dropped the NMD XR1 Duck Camo pack for Fall/Winter 2016, hot on the heels of the BAPE NMD release. For a lot of people, like me, who drew an L at the raffle this was the closest we would get to the BAPE collaboration. These Duck Camo NMDs make for a pretty close and interesting alternative.

A quick un-boxing and on-feet video to get things started from my YouTube Channel:

The NMD is an overwhelmingly popular silhouette and the XR1 adds a cage to the sock like upper. I knot a lot of people go about un-caging these kicks but I like it like this. The cage with the mesh centre on the lateral sides, adds a bit of dynamism to this much loved sneaker silhouette. If you want an uncaged version then pick up a City Sock, like the one featured here. In the middle of the City Sock and XR1, sits the R1 NMD.

Shout out to the adidas Originals team for hooking me up with these kicks. It has been about 10 months since I began working with them regularly, and it has been quite a ride. Also, Omran, my plug!

The Duck Camo NMD dropped in 5 colorways – Black, White, Olive, Pink and Blue. It runs the regular boost sole with the trademark NMD blocks at the heel and forefoot. They have rehashed the forefoot block which is now blended into the boost sole and in white, making it almost invisible. It does not jut out and sits flush with the midsole. The sneaker has an entire mesh upper with a neoprene inner lining which I think would keep the water out to a certain extent. There are interesting bits of waxed suede on the trefoil branding (tongue) and the heel unit, in olive green. The pull tab is high-visibility contrasting bright orange in colour.

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape

The sneaker features flat laces in olive green, keeping with the theme. The colour carries over to the outsole as well.

To say there have been a whole lot of NMD variants dropping in 2016  would be an understatement of sorts. They have also featured on a bunch of relevant collaborations like the Pharrell Williams Human Being collection and the line with White Mountaineering. And I am sure there are going to be interesting variants in the near future. Because, isn’t that what adidas Originals represent? The “Future“!

What are your thoughts on the Duck Camo NMD? Let me know in the comments.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape

adidas Originals NMD Duck Camo Bape



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