Streetwear Fit only this time, it is inspired by Techwear – HUF, Maharishi, Air Max 97 RT, Paccbet X Carhartt WIP

Streetwear Fit is a segment that provides style inspiration that is functional and also relevant. Piecing together various brands and collections, new and old, cutting edge and historic.

I have spoken about athleisure in the past, how it balances an active lifestyle aesthetic with regular fashion. Techwear on the other hand, is pure play focus on functionality. But it manages to do so, in style. But I must let you know at the outset, that Techwear is quite hard on the bank balance. It is something you need to go in, being aware of. You always can have alternatives, like I have done in this post. It is not Techwear in the truest sense but does appropriate the look. Techwear in India is a unfamiliar territory with one Delhi based brand Garuda SS making all the right moves. Gotta wait and watch how they handle the genre.

Disclaimer : There is a massive difference between Techwear and Tech-inspired Athleisure, which I have done in this post. For it to qualify as Techwear, the outfit needs to have functional features like taped seams, special pockets, zippers that facilitate movement, etc.

Techwear in India
Layered Up

Air Max Day Sneaker Release

Techwear let’s go of colour pops for matte black jackets and parkas, the jeans are replaced with cargo pants. And instead of chunky boots or leather shoes, you throw in some sneakers. The intention is to keep the look sharp and tactical, drawing inspiration from military-wear. Also, always the color black or shades of it. Some of the brands that are synonymous with Techwear are Y-3 and ACRONYM. And both these brands, because of their designs and history come at a cost. You can always put together a Techwear Fit without breaking the bank by finding alternatives.

But India isn’t very Techwear friendly considering the tropical climate. Some cities like Bangalore and Delhi might still let you rock it during the faint winters and mild showers. Which is where the outer layer of a Techwear Fit comes in, the rain-proof jacket. Remember that the outerwear is the critical aspect of a Techwear fit. Monotone, zippers, pockets, functionality. I threw on my Huf jacket as a replacement for something like a Nike Lab ACG. Perfect for those occasional downpours. On the inside, I would recommend an oversized tee, preferably full sleeved. Same goes for pants, they preferably are tapered, cargo and have functional aspects like zippers to facilitate movement or pockets that are weather proof.

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to footwear, wear something that uses advanced material or has a futuristic silhouette. Think Knit / Neoprene. Alternatively, since the entire look is heavy on zippers, you could also throw on a pair which is a mid/high top and has zippers to slip your feet in.

So there you have it. When Techwear in India is still out of reach (although not for long) here is how you can put a Techwear-inspired fit together. Let us know through the comments what you made of it and if you intend to try it out.

Bangalore Metro Station Shoot Indiranagar

Bangalore Metro Station Shoot Indiranagar

Bangalore Metro Station Shoot Indiranagar

Outfit Details

Tee – Paccbet X Carhartt WIP
Pants – Maharishi M65 Cargo
Jacket – HUF
Sneakers – Riccardo Tisci Air Max 97 Mid
Bag – Supreme

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones, during my last weekend in Bangalore.

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Tech Fit in India

Techwear in India
Oversized Paccbet X Carhartt WIP Tee
Indian Hypebeast
Riccardo Tisci Air Max 97 Mid

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