Is the Athleisure trend going to fade, or get stronger with the rise of Sneaker Culture?

I am not big on athleisure, save for my sneakers. I do own a bunch of joggers and maybe 1 pair of athletic shorts in my wardrobe. And although I am in shorts every single day, they are Stone Island cargo shorts so I would not categorise them as athleisure. Or should I?

Streetwear Fit

Unbox the Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet with this video from my YouTube Channel:

The athleisure “trend” took the world by surprise back in 2016 when it became synonymous with casual dressing. All of a sudden, in subsequent months, every conceivable brand began making joggers a part of their seasonal drops. Not to be confused with yoga pants (don’t we love them) or compression tights of course. Although cultural shifts at the workplace have made sneakers acceptable on Friday’s, joggers still are frowned upon.

I love joggers and wear them every once a while. But most often it is when I am lounging with friends at a cafe or when I am on a flight. Because comfortable as they might be, they also kinda feel sloppy. This is purely my perception, you can disagree if you’d like.

There were apprehensions that the wave would die mid-2017 but the “trend” is still going strong into 2018. And honestly, it is not something we would want to see die. Industry analysts say that the trend is not merely a “trend” but is going to last at least a decade. With athleisure, casual wear mixes functionality (low maintenance, high durability) with the versatility of casual clothing.

Streetwear Fit Hypebeast

Supreme in India
Headless Fit (well, almost)

Indian Hypebeast

If athleisure meant simply wearing tees and joggers, it would be nothing more than a trend that would die with time.

With brands spending time in innovation, with varied cuts/silhouettes (like these Japanese patterned and German made XBYO gear I am in) and technology (moisture wicking, for instance), athleisure is a lot more than a mere trend. And all of this innovation is not jut for athletes, it is for all of us. Which is what makes it a strong point.

Athleisure, after all, marks the shift in behaviour towards a healthier a lifestyle. Although that is as much an assumption that everyone with an Air Max sneaker runs in the morning for fitness.

Best Nike Sneaker to buy

Allen Claudius

Allen Claudius

Which is why, I am in a pair of the Air Max 97 Silver Bullet. The OG sneaker from 1997 was made famous by the Italians. The reason why designer Riccardo Tisci did his own take on the silhouette.

Allegedly inspired by the Japanese Bullet Train (this is often countered with mountain bikes which is supposedly a fact) which is why the metallic paint and rain drop ripples making up for the wave, this sneaker was considered to be ahead of it’s time with a full length air unit. And because of it’s futuristic design, the fancy Italians took to them and made the Air Max 97 a fashion staple of sorts. And although this OG version dropped a bunch of times marking it’s 30 year anniversary, I did not bother to pick it up until Christmas. Making it my last sneaker pick up of 2017.

As evidence of athleisure being a “trend” to reckon with, brands like Gucci and Dior made a foray into what is widely branded as streetwear. With Gucci dropping track pants, tees and sneakers and Dior following suit. And it is only the ignorant and unaware who think that athleisure and streetwear is for the young kids. If only they spent more time reading about changing scenes rather than hiding behind fake ID’s and profiles, and begging for attention. Open your eyes, look around you, streetwear is a movement!

What are your thoughts on the athleisure “trend”. Let me know in the comments.

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Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Outfit Details:

Tee and Joggers – XBYO from adidas Originals
Sneakers – Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet OG
Bum Bag – Supreme
Wrist Cuff – Miansai
Sunglasses – Off White c/o Virgil Abloh X Warby Parker
Watch – Omega Seamaster 

Streetwear Fit Of The Day

Streetwear Fit

Air Jordan 1 Tee Dubai Special
Air Dubai


Off White Belt in India
Lost so much weight, the belt be dangling!

Second OutFit Details:

Tee – Air Jordan Dubai Exclusive
Cropped Pants – XBYO from adidas Originals
Socks, Shades and Belt – Off White C/O Virgil Abloh
Watch – G-Shock
Cuff – Miansai
Bum Bag – Supreme

Allen Claudius



  1. Athleisure is definitely much more than just a clothing trend. It signifies how people are evolving by gaining a healthier lifestyle. It also is allowing for individuals to go to their workplaces in functional, yet sophisticated clothing and it is safe to say athleisure is here to stay. If anything, the sneaker culture will only continue to strengthen athleisure.


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