Why the Nike Air Max Day is a bloody brilliant idea.

Have you decided what sneaker will be laced up on your feet on Air Max Day?

I own more sneakers than the average Indian male should be allowed. Or so, I think. And in my collection, the Nike Air Max is quite prominent in count. I don’t own any other sneaker line in as many numbers as the Air Max.

Here is a quick video view of my favourite Air Max kicks from my personal collection :

I have the Air Max 1, 90, 90 Sneaker Boot, 360 and Tavas. I brought my brother, my mom and my girlfriend a pair of 360’s each. I don’t think there has been a better runner than the Air Max. In fact, it was the Air Max 90 that got me into the sneaker game in the first place.

I remember seeing Air Max kicks all over Pitti Uomo and wondering where I could get my hands on a pair. Then I see the Air Max 90 and it converted me entirely into a sneaker head! And then Nike went and created this “holiday” on the 26th of March 2014 – The Air Max Day. To be honest, I didn’t know about it back then. And apparently it didn’t make much of an impact either from what I hear and read. A red and white Air Max 1 was released on Air Max Day with a neon sole but it didn’t really fly off shelves. But then it was Air Max Day again on the 26th of March in the year 2015. And this, my friends, was a significant one.


Nike released a bunch of OG color ways and silhouettes and this wasn’t restricted to the United States. Across the globe, Air Max heads got together to celebrate the sneaker. This, along with the launch of the Air Max Zero in limited drops brought the line to the forefront of the sneaker game. I remember attending the convention in Bombay. Everyone around me was sporting Air Max kicks, there were art installations and one banger of a gig at the end of it. Well, it was lent and I wasn’t drinking nor was I eating meat. But that helped me appreciate the event that much more.

Can you imagine that? A recorded date of the Air Max release, turned into a pseudo holiday! No hard sell, no push. Just one hashtag to cover it all – #AirMaxDay


Which now brings us to the 3rd year of the Air Max Day celebration. Trust Instagram to be flooded with images of people in their Air Max kicks. There are bound to be Sneaker Hand shots, Sneaker on Feet shots, people lining up their Air Max kicks in random patterns, so on.



I know I will. Because Nike will be launching the Air Max BW in an Ultra Finish! Which I managed to cop fresh out the Brand outlet. So, you know what’s going to be on my feet on the 26th or March 😉

Shop here today, so you have a fresh pair of Air Max kicks to rock on the 26th of March.



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