Acronym X Nike Vapormax Moc 2 – First Impressions And On-Feet Review + What Is Odd Future?

Ever since the Vapormax was introduced to the market around Air Max Day 2017, I have been intrigued by the silhouette. Although I never ended up buying a pair (you know, self inflicted rule of only buying something that is exclusive) until exactly a year later around Air Max Day 2018, I have shared somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the sneaker. It was the Vapormax made by Acronym in collab with Nike.

I only recently picked up my favourite (yup, I prefer it over the Off White too) Air Force 1 of all time, the Acronym Air Force 100.

A quick unboxing and on-feet video from my YouTube channel to “kick” things of.

Touted back in 2017, as the UltraBoost killer from Nike (that label eventually went to the Epic React), the silhouette was received with mixed feelings. I for one, thought the design was way too funky. That paper thin Flyknit upper coupled with an all through bulging air unit was certainly not a good look on a stocky body like mine. I need my sneakers to have some chunk in them, like I have said before. Nonetheless I still wanted to get a pair to try on for experience.

I picked up the Riccardo Tisci Air Max 97 Mid as my Air Max Day sneaker for 2017.

When the Acronym Vapormax was announced, I thought the colorway was outrageous. No way was I going to get one of them. But then they teased the other 2 color options and I thought to myself “If I must pick up an outrageous looking sneaker, why not pick up an outrageous colorway?!”

Pros – Lightweight and comfortable, easy to slip on and off.

Cons – They look like football cleats, silhouette better suited for lean people, makes a squeaky noise when walking on surfaces like hard wood floors or polished tiles.

Would I buy another pair? – Maybe, maybe not. I am not 100% convinced with the sneaker. Add to it the fact that they look better on skinny legs than on someone bulky. Also, I hate wearing pants, leave alone skinny jeans and I guess it is a better look with jeans that hug your legs. Which is why, better on lean men. But if something outstanding blows me away, like the black Off White Vapormax 2, I just might pull the trigger on them

Verdict: These kicks will perhaps see some wear time, if I sign up at a gym. I don’t think I would wear them for a run, but if I am doing some light weights at the gym (again, if and when I get to enrolling somewhere) I don’t mind flexing these. Alternatively, these could be my new airport sneakers. As for their UltraBoost killing abilities, we all know that did not happen. Perhaps more of an Alphabounce Killer you think?

Nike spent close to 7 years to develop the Vapormax. And if you think about it, 2017 was the first time an entirely new Air Max sneaker was introduced in the market (after all those retros) making it the lightest till date. Hoping the future holds more of the similar excitement.

Bowties and Bones
Acronym Vapormax Moc 2
Acronym Vapormax
Gotta get in a few extra leg days
Technical Streetwear
Stone Island and Acronym
Indian Sneakerhead
Dat booty though!

About Odd Future:
Odd Future was a group of about 10 mid to late teen rappers/skaters that shot to fame in 2011. They go by OFWGKTA which stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. The leader of the group, is Tyler The Creator as you would know. Which also explains Golf Wang which is the title letter swap on Wolf Gang. If my memory serves me right, it was Tyler who brought Supreme to the forefront when he wore their 5-panel hat to the MTv awards and also box logo hoodies in his videos and public appearances.

Odd Future, in it’s collective also had Frank Ocean. And when they all found success in their breakaway careers, it is only obvious that the group ceased to exist. The brand though, the seven letters in Tyler’s words, lives on.

Shot by Archit Rege for Bowties and Bones

Indian Sneaker Collector
Not Off White
Indian Sneakerhead
Me, when I see a packet of crisps!
Indian Streetwear Icon
The future is bleak
Odd Future

Indian Hypebeast

Outfit Details

Sneakers – Acronym X Nike Sportswear Vapormax Moc 2
Shorts – Stone Island
Sunglasses – Off White X Warby Parker
Tee – Odd Future
Watch – Omega

Indian Hypebeast
The first colorway to drop from the trio of Acronym’s collaboration with Nike Sportswear


  1. Bro the acronym looks good even if you are not lean. You get a stylist athletic rugby or football (american) vibe with it. I’m loving mine and lol at the airport sneaker comment, I did not think of it that way but they will be my go to pair for flying 🤣

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