Why Is It Absolutely Alright To Repeat Your Clothes – Streetwear Fit With Some Depth To It

Streetwear Fit is a segment dedicated to everyday functional wear, drawing on elements integral to the culture. And of course, sneakers. In this piece though, I talk about a thought process prevalent in the world of Fashion. Everybody who flexes on the gram these days doesn’t want to repeat their outfit. But what is wrong in that? Let me take you through what is on my mind.

Bowties and Bones

When I turned up to shoot this outfit, my friend said: “You are in your Stone Island Cargo pants again?! And that tee has already been shot too.”

You see, the way Fashion Instagrammers/Bloggers work they think it’s uncool to repeat outfits. As for me, I have always been 100 on social media with my audience. What you see on there is what I wear every frigging day of my existence. I moved back to Bombay about 75 days ago. When I got out of Bangalore I was absolutely certain I would find an apartment to lease within 2 weeks and then move in with the rest of my belongings. 75 days later, I am still paying rent on my Bangalore apartment because all my clothes, sneakers, my German whip and furniture, everything is still sitting in that city.

As a result of which, I repeat my outfits and my sneakers a lot more frequently than I should. I am still living out of 2 suitcases and it takes a toll on your happiness. Which is why I don’t bother with getting out all the clothes from the bags and stick to the ones that are already out which I launder and repeat. I mean, I repeat clothes anyway because I only buy durable and functional pieces. Regardless of how expensive my Stone Island cargo pants may be, I put them through some vigorous wear. Because how else would I justify dropping upwards of USD 250 on them?! Same goes with my sneakers and tees, etc. Whatever I buy, I ensure I wear them to the point they still are in decent shape to donate.

Besides, whoever makes you believe it is tragic to repeat your outfits is shallow. 

There are times I repeat an outfit in the same week. People in the “Fashion Industry” might cry foul but if it works and is hygienic, then why not? It isn’t like you’re sitting on pots of money to buy new clothes every month. Well, even if you were sitting on pots of money it would be stupid to spend it all on clothes without bringing up the fact that sitting on pots is highly uncomfortable.

This is also the primary contributor to me not ever indulging in fast fashion. I prefer slow fashion. Heck, I prefer developing a personal style and sticking to the essentials over slow fashion. I don’t care for the Zara’s and H&M’s at all. It makes absolutely no sense to buy clothes every month and then use them a couple of times till they sit at the bottom of your wardrobe pile. You’d rather buy a few key pieces, wear them out, give them away and then replace them. It also is better for the environment, when you stop rabidly shopping for apparel.

And you also don’t need shit tonnes of clothes to stand out. You could own just a few things and style them differently. Like my black Stone Island cargo pants, although limited in versatility, I wear them with tees, shirts and even kurtas (a collarless shirt prevalent in South Asia) to make the look stand out. Needless to say, I switch over the sneakers to add an edge and make every look appear distinct.

As a matter of fact, if Kim K can repeat her outfit in the same week, who are you to have an opinion on “fashun”?! Lol.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones

Shot by Archit Rege for Bowties and Bones

Outfit Details

Tee – Supreme X Undercover 
Cargo Pants – Stone Island
Sneakers – Air Jordan 3 Black Cements
Sunglasses – Off White X Warby Parker

Bowties and Bones


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