adidas Originals Nite Jogger Campaign + Launch + Nought One by Abhishek Paatni Showcase

In what should be the biggest activation of all time in the Indian sneaker scene, adidas Originals launched the Nite Jogger sneaker with a multi-pronged approach. I was honored to be a part of the campaign in India (Nite Jogger was a global campaign running simultaneously) and to be recognized for the work I do in the scene.

I have worked closely with the adidas Originals team in India, in the past as well. I hosted the Ghost Drop Block Event in Bandra, Mumbai back in March 2019. When I was in Bangalore, I helped launch the Climacool sneaker along with the new adidas Originals flagship store back in 2017.

When I was asked to be a part of the India Nite Jogger campaign, in my head it would be a simple shoot with images going up on social media. But what adidas Originals had in store, blew my mind.

Allen Claudius

For the launch of the Nite Jogger, adidas Originals collaborated with Blue Tokai to develop a coffee blend specific to the sneaker. The collaboration was so organic, come to think of it because coffee helps you stay up at night. And the Nite Jogger is touted as the sneaker for Creators who are active by night.

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The weekend leading up to the adidas Originals Nite Jogger campaign shoot:

Unboxing the adidas Originals Nite Jogger + Coffee Tasting Session + Nite Jogger launch gig + Nought One showcase of the Nite Jogger inspired collection:

Apart from the campaign shoot along with adidas Originals creators, the team had something I couldn’t have foreseen, in mind. The Nite Jogger Nite Factory event. All the creators came together to showcase the Nought One collection by designer Abhishek Paatni that was inspired by the Nite Jogger sneaker. Not so much a fashion show, as it was a fashion showcase. I was awkward as you can tell, owing to the lack of confidence coupled with the lack of rehearsing. Lol. I only wish we had individual outfit images that focussed on details which I could throw all over my Instagram. Sadly, that was a critical element that I missed.

But the way adidas Originals packed an entire venue and had it overflowing on a week day (11th April, the global launch day was a Thursday) was commendable. Might I add, surprising. This was by far the largest scale of events execute by 1 singular brand in the longest time here in India.

Looking forward to a few more like it.

What were your thoughts? Did you attend the Nite Jogger launch event in your city? What do you make of the sneaker? I, for one, love the silhouette and am waiting for more colorways to drop.

Let me know in the comments.

Until the next time, peace!

Allen Claudius

Nite Jogger Launch Event
Nite Jogger Launch Event
Allen Claudius Adidas Originals Nite Jogger
My campaign images at the adidas Originals Nite Jogger event
Nought One X adidas Originals Nite Jogger
The Nought One X adidas Originals Nite Jogger Showcase
Rajakumari performs at Nite Jogger Event
Rajakumari performs at the Nite Jogger Event
Ranveer Singh at Nite Jogger Event
Ranveer Singh doing what he does best
Nought One X adidas Originals Nite Jogger
Nought One Crew


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