adidas Originals Does The Ghost Drop In Bombay Across 3 Stores

adidas Originals India, did the Ghost Drop in Bombay city, across 3 stores in the Bandra area.

A first of its kind concept, people got to participate in a contest to win a secret “Ghost” drop from each of the stores. Nobody knew what the Ghost was going to be till the winning prize was unveiled.

Shivani and I, hosted the event with support from the adidas Originals team.

Here is a quick video recap from my YouTube channel:

Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
The vault with the Ghost Drop
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Ghost Beverages at the Adidas Originals store
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Pop Corn
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
The crowd at Adidas Originals, Linking Road
Allen Claudius
Always happy to make a noise!
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Nishant Joshi with his Quickstrike Win
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Shivani and I run the roulette
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Waiting on the winning number
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Pulling out the winning case from the Ghost Drop vault
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Adidas Originals NMD Utility Kit
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Kelvin Cheung picking out the winner of the Mini Ghost
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
The Hop on hop off bus
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Nikesh tries his luck at Quickstrike at the Super Kicks store
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
All eyes on the prize
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Jeremy Scott Reflective Florals
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Second stop at Super Kicks
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Crowd Control
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
All ears at Veg Non Veg
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Roulette at Veg Non Veg
Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
Stan Smiths signed by Stan Smith

How the day went

The event kick-started at the adidas Originals Linking Road store. There was an on-demand popcorn machine set up. People that came in to register had a go at a game of darts that gave them the chance to win adidas Originals merchandise like caps, bags and tees. The Ghost Drop roulette machine had to go through 4 rounds, owing to the overwhelming response, before we had a winner. There also was a secondary prize of a mini ghost, vouchers from adidas Originals, that was determined by way of a raffle.

At Superkicks, the same approach was followed, with a game of darts, followed by the main Ghost Drop roulette and a mini ghost.

The crowd then moved on to Veg Non Veg. This was actually the equivalent to a block party, come to think of it. After the audience went through the Ghost Drop “cycle”, we headed out for a few beers, thanks to the folks at adidas Originals.

The Ghost Drop was a first of its kind to be done in India. Where the community stood a chance to get their hands on inaccessible merchandise. Shout out to adidas Originals India for putting this together.

Expect the Ghost Drop to happen because I sure am looking forward to it.

Did you attend the Ghost Drop, in Bombay? What did you think of it?

Stores and Ghosts:
adidas Originals Linking Road – Triple Black NMD Utility Case
Superkicks – Jeremy Scott sneakers
Veg Non Veg – Stan Smith sneakers signed by Stan Smith himself

My outfit:
Tee and Joggers – XBYO from adidas Originals
Sneakers – Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Images by Rishabh for adidas Originals

Adidas Originals Ghost Drop
The Ghost Drop Team


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