Air Max Day 2019 – My Sneaker Pick Ups From G Lab Vietnam

March 26th marks the Nike Air Max Day.

This year, my trip to Vietnam happened to coincide with the build-up to Air Max Day 2019. Lucky me, considering India hasn’t been doing anything Nike specific for a long time now.

I heard of G Lab, thanks to my time on Google search. I was looking for a place to pick up some sneakers or streetwear when in Vietnam. The last time I was in Ho Chi Minh, 3 years ago, I only picked up streetwear. This time, I needed to get them kicks considering I always buy sneakers from every country I visit. Had to keep the streak going.

Watch me pick up and unbox both the Air Max 1s on my YouTube Channel

Lucky for me, the team at G Lab had an installation set up for Air Max Day along with 30 pairs of the Air Max 1 OG Sport Red stocked and ready to go. There was one condition though, I could only pick up the pair on Air Max Day. And sadly for me, my return flight was booked for the 24th. I spoke with the folks at G Lab and requested them to let me get my pair earlier and they would have my gratitude and appreciation. They said ok and I was good to go.

Air Max Day 2019
G Lab, Vietnam

I also picked up the Nike X Atmos We Love Nike Air Max 1 pair in the blue colorway. So that sorted me out for Air Max Day 2019. Unfortunately, they only had a pair that was half size down from what I wear, but considering the entire upper is leather I am guessing they will break-in with sufficient wear. So I am not fussed about it.

I guess this trip was the first ever that saw me traveling light. I usually would pack at least 4 pairs of sneakers for a 5-day trip and this time, I only packed 2 Ultraboosts for a 12-day trip. Although you can agree that I picked up 2 pairs of the Air Max 1, remember that I only got them in hand the day prior to my return flight.

Allen Claudius Travel Blog
Outfit Of The Day

My outfit when I went to pick up the sneakers:

Tee – Supreme
Shorts – Garuda SS
Sneakers – adidas Ultraboost OG
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Bum Bag – Palace

Allen Claudius
This is my Air-verything at G Lab Vietnam
Air Max Day 2019
What are you rocking this Air Max Day
Air Max Day 2019
Air Max 1 “We Love Nike” by Atmos
Atmos Air Max 1
Getting me some AIR
Atmos Air Max 1
Air Max Day – 26.03
Allen Claudius
Connie helps get some decent shots, with a lot of guidance from me of course

Indian Sneakerhead influencer

Air Max Day 2019
This is it, chief

Images shot by the G Lab Vietnam team.

Sneaker-hand images shot by Connie Yan on my iPhone X.

Mood Shots by yours truly.

Connie Yan
Hypebae Connie Yan
Air Jordan 3 Katrina
Air Jordan 3 Katrina on Connie’s Feet
Connie Yan
When he promises you a good time, but it only involves street food and streetwear!
G Lab Ho Chi Minh
Sneakers and Streetwear in Ho Chi Minh
Air Max 1 Anniversary OG Sport Red
Air Max 1 Anniversary OG Sport Red
Air Max Day 2019
Polaroid Shot


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