Miami Vice Vibes all over this Streetwear Fit – Aime Leon Dore, October’s Very Own, Clarks Originals and Levi’s White Tab

Streetwear Fit is a segment that is dedicated to putting together easy, everyday looks. But for a change, just for this piece, I decided to throw in New York-based high fashion streetwear brand Aimé Leon Dore with some true American Levi’s White Tab Chinos. Keeping everything in the friend zone, I have Canadian Rapper Drake’s October’s Very Own collab with Clarks Originals.

To kick things off, a shopping haul and video review of the Clarks Originals X OVO Wallabee

I am not very brave when it comes to wearing colors. Like you would have seen in my previous streetwear fits, I have mostly stuck to all/mix of black/navy like in the case of the Patta Stone Island Lookbook, The Supreme XBYO Lookbook and so on. But I had to mix things up a little bit with these shoes. Not being a sneaker and also not being a color I have worn in the past, it had to be teamed with some chinos.

I picked up this pair of light blue Levi’s White Tab Chinos to go with the entire look. The Chinos run a 512 fit, much like their jeans made for sneakerheads.

Let me know what you make of the fit. I know it isn’t 100% streetwear, although I threw in the likes of Aimé Leon Dore and Drake’s October’s Very Own (OVO). But I would be interested in your thoughts.

Drop that comment.

Octobers Very Own

Aimé Leon Dore Tee
Walking into your life with knowledge. Lol
Pastel Colors Mens Lookbook
Summer Vibes
Allen Claudius
Romantic old homes in Bangalore are a sight I will miss

About Aimé Leon Dore:

Founded in 2014, Aimé Leon Dore is a high fashion streetwear brand from New York City. They are known for their collaborations with Kith and Puma. The brand steers clear of hype in order to maintain their authenticity and longevity.

About October’s Very Own:

When Drake’s OVO brand opened doors in 2011, everyone wanted in on his merch. Considered a luxury streetwear brand, OVO is synonymous with the Golden Owl logo and goes beyond the regular screen print tour merch that Kanye and Travis push out. A brainchild of Drake and Tour Manager Oliver El-Khatib, the OVO label’s collabs go as far as working with Jordan Brand.

About Wallabees:

The Clarks Wallabees are chukka style shoes that come in a variety of uppers like suede and beeswax. The most easily identifiable characteristic of the Wallabee is its crepe sole.

Indian Sneakerhead Hypebeast

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Check out my thoughts on real men wearing pink here.

Outfit Details:

Tee – Aimé Leon Dore
Chinos – Levi’s White Tab
Shoes – Clarks Originals X OVO Wallabee
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Socks – Stance
Watch – Omega Seamaster

Indian Streetwear Hypebeast Sneakerhead
Pastel Fit
Pastel Colors Mens Lookbook
Making sure I don’t step on nerves
Aime Leon Dore
Aimé Leon Dore with the discreet print
Indian Luxury Menswear Blogger
The details on these Clarks Originals X Octobers Very Own Wallabees are so subtle and clean
Levi's White Tab Chinos and Sneakers
There’s a 100% chance a man driving this kinda car will steal your girl!


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