Streetwear Fit – Levi’s, Air Jordan 1 Homage to Home, Supreme, Vetements, and Off White

Streetwear Fit is a segment that focuses on putting together functional fits that are not merely hype. For me, style has always been important and takes priority over following trends and hype. And this is something that carries through across all my posts, on the website/social media and in real life.

Before we get into the Streetwear Fit, first an unboxing video from my YouTube Channel:

I kept this fit minimal. I despise a head-to-toe fit from the same brand when the style or designs are the same. For me, that reflects lack of creativity/inspiration/style. I mean it is quite easy for me to take a, say, printed tee from Brand A and team it with a printed lower from the same brand and then pop it with a sneaker. That, to me, is easy and predictable.

Having said that, in this streetwear fit, I have a tee and jeans from the same damn brand. Lol.

But let me elaborate how it works differently here.

Indian Sneakerhead

Air Jordan 1 Bred

The Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home is a unique sneaker in itself, owing to the split design that runs through it. When the sneaker dropped, a lot of people did the predictable thing of throwing on a pair of black jeans/joggers with the Supreme/H&M Scarface tee. They chose that tee, because it had a black/red/white split design much like the sneaker.

I wanted to switch things over just a tad bit. Not too much because I am not a bad boy, I don’t live on the edge. Lol.

I mapped the sneaker to my Levi’s Snoopy Batwing tee. I think they come along pretty well. And instead of wearing black jeans/joggers, I pulled on a pair of my customized Levi’s 501 Classic Jeans. Rounding off the look is the Off-White Industrial Belt and a sipper by Supreme because you know you gotta stay hydrated always.

Let me know your thoughts on the look and how would you have styled it differently.

Allen Claudius
I always have naps on my mind!
Indian Hypebeast
2 sides of the same coin?
Indian Streetwear Scene
Thirst Trapping
Indian Streetwear Brands
Customised Levi’s 501 Jeans
Allen Claudius

Air Jordan 1 Chicago

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Outfit Details:

Tee – Levi’s Snoopy Batwing
Jeans – Levi’s 501, Customised at The Tailor Shop
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Homage to Home
Socks – Vetements
Sipper – Supreme
Belt – Off White

Check out my Streetwear Fit featuring Supreme, Acronym, and Maharishi with Off White Accessories

Indian Hypebeast
Keeping the Fit a little mixed
Allen Claudius
Air Jordan 1 Homage to Home

Indian Streetwear

Indian Sneakerhead
Supreme Sigg Water Can
Air Jordan 1 Homage to Home
Bred or Chicago?

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