Streetwear Fit – Garuda SS Takaro Shorts, Heron Preston, Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue, Supreme, Off White

Streetwear Fit as a segment was begun with the idea of sharing my ideas on styling key pieces from my favorite brands without dressing up like every other fuccboi. And in this piece, I have one of my local favorites – Garuda SS making a debut. I have much respect for what they do and unfortunately, I have not been setting aside enough money for apparel since I spend it all on kicks.

Fortunately though, through a stroke of luck and some negotiations (lol, I suck at it) I managed to get my hands on a pair of the Takaro Shorts from Garuda. I wanted to do a proper runner fit with it, which I did. However, I haven’t gotten down to processing those images. And in the meanwhile, Veg Non Veg opened up their store to a Streetwear event and I decided to put this fit together when I attended it.

Unboxing video of the Air Jordan 1 Royal from my YouTube Channel:

And a video that also details the Garuda SS Takaro Shorts in it when I unboxed my Jordan 1 Homage To Home:

Let me know what you make of the fit. Would you score some techwear for yourself? I love it for its functionality. The fabric is water resistant and has a fair amount of flex in movement. What more do you need? Oh yes, it also wicks the moisture from your body. Double whammy right there.

Indian Streetwear Influencer
This was a test shot!

Air Jordan 1 Royal

Off White Sunglasses
I am always either wearing shades or throwing shade.
Garuda SS Takaro Shorts Techwear
Headless Fits Always!
Indian Streetwear Scene
Waiting on that coffee
Heron Preston Tee
This is not just a photo, it is a photo-synthesis. Dad Jokes are me!

About Garuda SS: Founded by Suhail Sahrawat in 2014, the Garuda line of tech-wear was initially manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand. They shifted operations to India in 2017 and have 4 verticals of apparel – Military, Workwear, Suiting, and Sportswear. With their focus on using high-quality fabric and materials along with attention to functional details, Garuda is a brand that needs to be experienced first hand. Certain products are also customizable which is a brilliant concept, considering you get your apparel tailored to your specs.

Shop for Garuda SS here

Shop the Garuda SS Takaro Shorts here

Outfit Details

Tee – Heron Preston
Shorts – Garuda SS Takaro
Socks – Heron Preston
Sunglasses – Off White
Fanny Pack – Supreme

Shot by Shravan Shetty

Check out this Streetwear Fit featuring Heron Preston, Maharishi and Air Jordan 1 Royal.

Heron Preston in India

Indian Streetwear Influencer
Flexed so much and still no sign of any muscle!

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