Streetwear Fit Of The Day – Heron Preston, Maharishi, Jordan 1 Retro Royal Blue, Off White

Streetwear Fit Of The Day is a segment that focusses on putting together looks with different brands that blend into the sub-genre. Mixing it up, keeping it basic and functional at times. This week we look at the Heron Preston tee.

Take a look at the Jordan 1 Royal Blue video from my YouTube Channel.

The trio that founded Been Trill – Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, Mathew Williams have gone on to do some pretty impressive stuff on their own. While Virgil is renowned for Off-White, Mathew went on to launch Alyx and Heron, well he decided to go with his name. The Been Trill trio have always been multi faceted. Being DJ’s, designers and curators of the culture. Another commonality is that their brand blends streetwear with luxury and blurs the lines. No, none of the 3 make stuff that is in anyway streetwear priced.

Heron’s designs have always had Russia as it’s underlying theme. The most obvious thing you would notice is the text that translates to “Style” embroidered on his pieces starting from the first collection. For his pop-up tour he kicked off in Moscow selling amongst his main merch, limited numbered Retail Tour tees.

Samir Rana of Style Spy Images was wearing it during SoleDXB in December 2017, shot by me. This is when I fell in love with the design and details.

Samir Rana Style Spy Images
Samir Rana of Style Spy Images

And whilst Been Trill was made in China, Heron (much like Virgil) now makes his garments in Italy. Sustainability has always been important to him, which is why the clothes are built to last. The tee I got, is heavy and feels solid. May not be the best bet for humid Indian cities but they feel good.

Another bone of contention (some folks have) with Heron Preston designs is that they are logo heavy. Brought back into the collective conscience by the likes of Supreme and Off-White in the last 18-24 months. It would appear Heron Preston makes his stuff for the Instagram generation, which is why he places logos strategically and also in large size. By his own admission, Heron Preston thinks of how his designs would look on Instagram because that is the generation that drives streetwear at the moment. He has moved away from being artsy, to being commercially sound considering the size of his business and spends.

Indian Streetwear Influencer

However, in the recent past Heron Preston has worked with the Department of Sanitation in New York to up-cycle their uniforms. Heron has been paying a lot of attention to sustainable fashion. From the sourcing of fabric to the packaging material used, and the future of the garment once the owner has worn it out – charity or up-cycling.

There are a few other designs of Heron Preston that I intend to pick over the next few  months, but will only break them out when the climate is cooler. Now that I am in Bombay, opportunities are going to be rarer than the probability of spotting Kanye in Jordans.

Do you think Heron Preston has as much staying-power as Off-White? Let me know in the comments.

Indian Streetwear Influencer

Indian Streetwear Influencer

Indian Hypebeast

Outfit Details

Tee – Heron Preston
Cargo Pants – Maharishi
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Royal
Glares – Off White X Warby Parker

Shot by Abhishek for Bowties and Bones

You should check out this streetwear fit, featuring Off White C/O Virgil Abloh.

Indian Sneakerhead

Heron Preston Spring Summer 2018



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