Streetwear Fit – The Hundreds X Anwar Carrots, Maharishi, Air Jordan 1 Shadow, Chimi Eyewear

Streetwear Fit is a segment dedicated to easy everyday wear piecing together elements from the streetwear and sneaker scene. If it isn’t functional and practical, what is the point of Streetwear, after all!

Indian Sneakerhead
Who’s got a better strut?

Allen Claudius

I am not too crazy about colors in my outfit. I remember sitting in this meeting with my teammates, all of them stylists.  We were discussing trends and styles that would be in play in the last quarter of 2018. Which is when one of them spoke about a piece on dressing for your body type. I was like, “ok tell me what body type am I and how should I dress?”.

To which she said “Oh that is easy Allen, you are an inverted triangle!”

While everyone burst out laughing, including me, the subsequent question was how do I wear my outfits. To which, pat came her response “Don’t mix colors, because that breaks your body since you are also short and stick to black since you are fat!” More laughter followed.

I see her point. I also wonder at times, if that is the reason most of my fits are all black. Maybe I subconsciously figured when I put various fits together that when I wore all black, it made me look slimmer, taller, whateverer. Lol. What are your thoughts on dressing up according to your body type? I mean, sure, there are “body positivity” angles and “wear whatever the fuck you want to” proponents. So are you more aligned to that school of thought. Personally, I would want to wear an outfit that would flatter my lack of self-confidence. Lol.

When Capsul did their first ever pop-up at the Delhi Sneaker/Streetwear event HG Street, I saw this tee and fell in love with it. They were kind enough to set it aside for me and although I went an entire size up when I didn’t have to, I absolutely love the subtle color of this tee. Some say it is Orange, I say it is Salmon. What do you think?

Shop for streetwear in India at Capsul’s website.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Indian Sneakerhead

Indian Streetwear Influencer
Rolling up my sleeves because I gotta do some heavy lifting. Does 5 kilos sound ok?

Indian Streetwear Influencer

Allen Claudius
The details on this tee!
Indian Streetwear Influencer
Seeing clearly now.
The Hundreds Anwar Carrots
Since 1980

Indian Sneakerhead Streetwear Influencer

Allen Claudius
Shadow on Zebra

Outfit Details

Tee – The Hundreds by Anwar Carrots
Pants – Maharishi
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Shadow

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Bowties and Bones
The “I am shy but will try and look gangsta” pose
Indian Streetwear Influencer
The good folks of Capsul did a good job of selling me this tee. No regrets.

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