Outfit Of The Day – The Levi’s 501 Day Outfit

Unlike the regular Streetwear Fit, this one focusses on some of the customizations I got done at the Levi’s Tailor Shop on 501 Day last weekend. I always stay true to my love for sneakers, and the only brand of jeans I allow in my rotation at the moment is Levi’s. I had spoken about mixing streetwear with Levi’s 501 jeans in the past and also about how Levi’s makes the best jeans for sneakerheads. That should tell you that I have had a long-term relationship with the brand.

Although I must let you know that my love for Levi’s began back when I was in school. And although I still own the pair from 90s, my love for the brand was reinitiated when they introduced the Levi’s 501 CT into the market. You can read about it here.

Shot by Ace Rege for Bowties and Bones

Indian Streetwear Influencer
Details and Distress
Bowties and Bones
Scratch Detailing embroidered on and Distressing done by the Stylabs Team at the Levi’s Tailor Shop at 501 Day
Acronym Air Force 1
The right amount of pop in the outfit
Levi's 501 Day
The displaced back pocket and distressed pocket underlay was a very popular element at the Tailor Shop
Levi's 501 Day Tee
The Future Is Female

I teamed my basic Levi’s tee and the Levi’s 501 Classic Fit Jeans with a pair of Acronym Nike Air Force kicks from the AF100 pack of 2017. I choose a nice white non-fussy sneaker for the look which is very easy. The pop of red on my Vetements socks was meant to balance with the print on my tee which is something I believe in. It also is a good conversation starter, both pleasant and ridiculous.

Outfit Details

Tee – Custom Screen Printed Levi’s Blank Tee
Jeans – Levi’s 501 customized at The Tailor Shop on 501 Day
Socks – Vetements
Sneakers – Acronym X Nike Air Force 100

While I have always attended the birthday of the Blue Jean every year without fail, this time was different. Stylabs, where I work as Creative Director at the moment, strategically partnered with Levi’s India to provide services like customization of fit and look to jeans and detailing like embroidery. I wasn’t there as a “blogger/influencer” this time, but as a member of the Tailor Shop, interacting with visitors and guiding them with options to make their 501s personal.

The Levi’s Tailor Shop will be popping up at several cities/locations across India. Keep an eye out and when you see us, come get your Levi’s customized.

Last year, I traveled from Bangalore to attend the 501 Day, which you can read about here.

Bowties and Bones
An up-close view of the Scratch embroidery on my custom Levi’s 501 Jeans
Bowties and Bones
Functionality is key!


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