12 months since I last visited Bombay – Felt like I never left.

It had been exactly 12 months since I last visited Bombay. A city, I used to visit every month ever since I moved to Bangalore in 2015. I perhaps stopped visiting because I had fewer friends in the city now. Or maybe because “life happened” to a few of them and they got “busy”. Heck, it could even be a result of my ever-changing priorities. Whatever the reason, I was dying to go back to the city I call home. At least for a weekend. And I needed a strong reason.

Fortunately, I came up with 2.

a) I needed some new ink
b) It was Levi’s #501Day on the 20th of May and they had a sundowner lined up

Bags packed, I headed out to Bombay. I must accept, I quite dreaded the fact that May is a month of peak humidity in Bombay. And since Bangalore spoilt me rotten with it’s pleasant weather, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle any of the sweating.

It is strange, the things love can make you feel and do.

Although I was dripping sweat from every perceivable gland of my body as early as 7 AM, I did not for once complain.

There just is something about this city that makes me feel like I always belonged here, and I am yet to figure out what it is. You know, when you love someone but can’t put into words why exactly? Same thing.

Shop the Levi’s Look here.


Allen Claudius
Hypebeast Baggage
Bowties and Bones
#501 Day
Bowties and Bones
Fit of the #501Day.
Shot by Pretika Menon.
Levi's 501 Day in India
Levi’s 501 Day Meal Plan
Bowties and Bones
Picking out a Trucker Jacket at the #501Day Sundowner
Levi's 501 Day in India
PinTrill for Levi’s #501Day


Indian Travel Blogger
Morning staples.
Allen Claudius
You know shooting at Horniman Circle / Asiatic Library has hit saturation when you see this sign at the Starbucks there!
Mercedes Benz Classic
The beautiful cars you get to see on Sunday morning’s in town!
Street Automobile Photography India
Mercedes Benz 380 SEC parked outside Starbucks
Allen Claudius
Kheema Pao for Brekkie
Indian Travel Blogger
Had heard so much about this place, but it terribly disappointed.
Allen Claudius
COMME des GARÇONS X Supreme Wallet
Allen Claudius
Oh sweet mother of God! A butter chicken roll!
Allen Claudius
No trip is complete without some Mutton Seekh!


Streetwear in India
An OOTD selfie at Sahil’s home before I head out for the day!
Indian Travel Blogger
One of many beautiful walls in Bandra on Monday
Kraayonz Tattoo Studio
Sameer of Kraayonz upgrading my ink.

I was hosted by my old friend, Sahil and kept company by him and Kapil. Just like the good old days from 12 months ago. Saturday was dedicated entirely to the Levi’s 501 Day sundowner. If there is 1 pair of denims I swear by, it’s the 501! And I wouldn’t miss celebrating it’s birthday for anything.

As for Sunday, I began the day early shooting a sneaker unboxing video and walking around the deserted parts of town. Soon it was movie time, followed by coffee and kebab rolls with the lads. I saved some time for my ink on Monday with Sameer. Sadly for me, we couldn’t complete the tattoo because there was a power outage. Can you imagine that, a power outage in Bandra?! Never heard of such a thing.

Although I was disheartened, it gave me what I needed at the end of my trip. Another reason to visit Bombay soon!

All images shot on my iPhone, except the ones from #501Day.



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