Assessing Life Halfway through 2017 – How Are We Doing With Our Goals

Can you believe, we are done with 6 months of 2017 already?! And here I am thinking there’s a long way to go to catch up with my goals. Hence, here I am, assessing my life, halfway through the year. I had made 17 resolutions, since it is 2017 and this is a good opportunity to assess my progress.

Feels like 1st of January was just a couple of days ago, when I found myself crying to sleep before the clock could strike midnight on some home-made sangria.

Bowties and Bones
The same look works during the day and in the evening.
Bowties and Bones
Cutting down on colors has helped develop my signature style.
  1. Cut down on colors – Achieved. My wardrobe now has fewer colors, black being primary. Florals were never a part of my taste palette anyway.
  2. Keep my outfits prim and proper – Achieved. This is something I have been cautious of, considering the addition of Supreme, Off-White and Thrasher to my wardrobe.
  3. Challenge my personal style – Not sure about that. I personally feel I have, but why don’t you be the judge? Let me know in the comments.
  4. Pushing streetwear brands to the Indian audience – Achieved. The number of DM’s I receive from people asking me where they can buy The Hundreds, Thrasher or Supreme in India has been quite high.
    Bowties and Bones
    Ninja’d Out

    Bowties and Bones

  5. Clean out my wardrobe and donate to charity – Achieved. Have churned out a lot of my wardrobe and donated to charity. Also using a few clothes on repeat that I can then discard, rather than letting them sit till I no longer use them. Reducing fabric wastage.
  6. Buy only streetwear labels – Achieved. However, I must add that I also have been buying some luxury products which would blend in well with the rest of my streetwear.
  7. Shop in Japan / Hong Kong – Failed. My vacations for 2017 are on hold indefinitely, brought on by my debts and some unforeseen circumstances. If it is any solace, I have shopped from Hong Kong and Japan online. Lol.
  8. Go easy on the shopping and save money – Failed miserably. Debts have sky rocketed.
  9. Buy 1 item that may be ridiculous in logic but high on hype – Over Achieved. Got me some Supreme Box Logo tees, Off-White, Stone Island, a few more Yeezys, an Omega, CDG Wallet and tee, amongst other things.
    Allen Claudius Sneakerhead

    Bowties and Bones
    Omega Seamaster 300
  10. Ease out on my social media use – Intermittent. There are days I am completely off it and others that I am on too frequently.
  11. Spend time with friends and family – Failed. Have not visited family nor hung out with friends as much as I would love to. Hoping I can fix that in the coming months.
  12. Focus on building my personal brand – Partially Achieved. I have jumped on and off the work-out and strategy train way too many times than I would want to admit here. Although I did a bunch of few fun things like hosting the launch of the adidas Originals store, playing a couple of gigs, traveling to Bombay for the Levi’s #501Day.

    Oh, and did I mention, I was part of Levi’s India’s 501 Jeans National Campaign.

    Levi's 501 Skinny India
    Shot by Samir Rana for the Skinny Around India campaign.
    Bowties and Bones
    White pants and I’d be an Indian Politician.
    Bowties and Bones
    Friends : You need to play to sport to lose weight and stay fit.
    Me :

    Bowties and Bones

  13. Launch a brand of my own – Failed. I had initiated talks with a friend in America and we had laid out plans. But then Donald Trump happened.
  14. Travel a lot more – Failed miserably. Have only been on 1 trip all of 2017 – Bombay! If it weren’t for this trip to Bombay, I’d have been pretty bummed.
  15. Hug my partner 5 times a day – Failed horridly. There is no justification for this.
  16. Stop taking shit – Achieved 100%.
  17. Stand by my words – Achieved. Unless sticking to my resolutions also counts, in which case I have failed.

But look on the brighter side, I still have 6 months to go to fix whatever I have failed in. Stay tuned, for the year-end round up of how committed I am to myself.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones
I’d always undervalued the NMD City Sock, till recently.
Bowties and Bones
Cycling to work

Bowties and Bones



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