What I Wore To The FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter ’17

The Autumn Winter ’17 edition of The FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week was the first time I have visited Delhi or it’s “famed” fashion week. I was there to shoot images and videos for my website. I had previously heard, and also seen on social media during earlier seasons, the high levels of experimental fashion at The FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week. But this time, I wanted to see it for myself.

And while my work will be published a little later here on Bowties and Bones, we take a quick glimpse of my outfits through the 4 days of The FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter ’17.

I will split this Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter ’17 story into 3 parts.

Part 1 : What I wore to the FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week (Which you are reading now)

Part 2 : Faces and Street Style Details at the Amazon India Fashion Week

Part 3 : Sneakers and Street Wear at the Amazon India Fashion Week

Day 1

Since this was a test day, I wanted to work the location and figure out the best places to shoot on this day. I decided to keep it easy and wore shorts and a comfy tee.

Allen Claudius
Never Mind, really.
Bowties and Bones
This thing strapped to my wrist, makes me fear for my well-being!
Allen Claudius
Knee High Socks, acting out the school-girl fetish.
Allen Claudius Street Wear
Brand Sacrilege, if you know what I mean.

Tee : Maiden Noir
Shorts : X BY O from adidas Originals
Sneakers : Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred
Socks : Stance Hosoi
Glares : RayBan Wayfarer
Watch : Omega Seamaster

Day 2

This was the first time ever I wore an all-white outfit but did so only because I wanted my extremely limited BAPE NMD sneakers to pop. Although the Supreme tee did have a back print.

Bowties and Bones Street Wear
Would you say I have a future in Indian Politics?
Allen Claudius Street Wear
I re-use my tees. A lot!
Allen Claudius
BAPE NMD, the sneaker I get the most salty reactions for!

Tee : Supreme Atelier Mendini
Pants : Cargo Joggers by Maharishi
Sneakers : adidas Originals BAPE NMD
Glares : American Optical Original Pilot
Watch : Omega Seamaster

Day 3

On the third day I did an all black outfit and this time, it was done to make the Chinese New Year InstaPump sneaker pop. It had a myriad of colors and I wanted the sneaker to shine.

Bowties and Bones
We Need Leaders – Public School NYC : Shot by @beardseyeview
Allen Claudius Sneakerhead
The rooster themed sneaker everyone loved!

Tee : Public School NYC SS’17
Pants : Cropped X BY O Trousers by adidas Originals
Sneakers : Reebok Classic Chinese New Year’17 InstaPump Fury
Glares : RayBan Wayfarer
Watch : Omega Seamaster

Day 4

Being the last day, I kept the color tones uniform head-to-toe with Black and Red being the main colors.

Allen Claudius Street Wear
The controversial back-print! Do you see it? Comment if you do!
Bowties and Bones
My favourite colorway ever, on the Yeezy Boost!
Bowties and Bones
Getting ready for the shot.

Tee : Supreme X Sasquatch Fabrix
Pants : Publish Brand Tapered Pants
Sneakers : Kanye West adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2
Glares : RayBan Wayfarer
Watch : Omega Seamaster
Pocket Square : Shingora

What did you think of my outfits? I mean sure, not many people thought it was worthy of a “street style” feature except the kind folks at Veg Non Veg. But then, @purevnv know their stuff and that is the kind of audience I cater to! Let me know in the comments what looks you liked best.

Shot by BioBlad3 for Veg Non Veg



  1. […] Now on, my attempt as a blogger/publication, will be to reuse my outfits and not make a fuss about wearing new clothes every single time. I know I reuse a lot of my clothes in real life. So why should it be any different online? I already began doing that, rotating my Supreme Atelier Mendini tee in a couple of posts, same goes for my kicks like the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and the Bape NMD! […]


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