Streetwear Fit – The Hundreds, Stone Island, Bape NMD and Chimi Eyewear

Streetwear Fits focus on how to dress easy and functional every day. Teaming pieces from streetwear with sneakers. Real style, none of those fancy gimmicks.

In this post, I keep it easy (yet again) in some shorts and a lightweight tee. Since I have moved to Bombay, I don’t think I have worn any other form of lowers as much as I have worn shorts. Primarily because it is either super humid or because it is peak monsoon season in this part of the world.

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Color Matched

No matter how good your outfit, when you slip on the Bape NMD on feet it takes away all of the attention. Another constant struggle I have had is wearing them with an outfit owing to the color and also because I primarily wear monochrome fits. But when I got my hands on a green tee from The Hundreds at the Capsul Pop-up in Bangalore, I knew I had a fit ready to flex.

Rounding up the look is a pair of Chimi Eyewear sunglasses. You can read my previous post that talks about the brand.

Let me know in the comment what you make of the fit. Do you think the Bape NMD deserves to steal focus from the entire outfit? How would you pair the sneakers with your fit?

Shop from the online Capsul store.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

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The Hundreds T Shirt Brand
The finish on the tee is as if it was painted on like a DIY project – Love it!
Bape NMD
The sneaker that steals the show every single time!
Indian Streetwear Influencer
The Hundreds Lightening Flash

Streetstyle blogger Indian

Outfit Details

Tee – The Hundreds
Shorts – Stone Island
Sneakers – adidas Originals X Bape NMD
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear

Check out my streetwear fits from the Amazon India Fashion Week.

Indian Hypebeast
Chasing Green Dreams but the Indian Currency colors’ like Monopoly money!

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