Pharrell Williams handed me my pair of the adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD before the festival!

Pharrell Williams handing me my pair of the adidas Originals Hu NMD pre-Holi might sound like a “click-bait title” on a ShoeTuber’s channel. But it is exactly what happened.

There were 2 drops of the Pharrell Williams Hu NMD – The Blank Canvas and then the rest of the collection (Black, Multi Colored X 2) on the 1st of March which was much ahead of the global release date of 16th March. This was done with the intention of keeping it true to the Indian festival of colors, Holi. Besides, Pharrell was down in Bombay at the adidas Originals store to sign off a few pairs for his fans. India finally had early pairs of the sneaker!

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Ever since I saw the Black pair teased sometime last year, I wanted to get my hands on them. Because this was perhaps the first time India was being represented on a sneaker, globally. Although the Devanagari text put-off a few “Sneakerheads”, I fell in love. When news broke that Pharrell would be in India on the 1st, (back then it was announced that the rest of the pairs would only hit shelves on the 16th) I wanted him to sign off a pair. And since I never picked up any of his NMD (except the Superstar) I had to cop the Blank Canvas.  I got to the store but as luck would have it, copped my pair online with help from a dear fellow Sneakerhead.

Early release of the Pharrell Williams Holi Hu NMD
Sneaker Face Off
Early release of the Pharrell Williams Holi Hu NMD
People queueing up under the facade for the Blank Canvas drop
Indian Sneakerhead
Got my hands on the Blank Canvas

Along with the announcement that Pharrell Williams would be in India, adidas Originals invited me to a Holi Party to celebrate with him. In my head I was like “If he made these sneakers themed on Holi, I might as well wear them to the party he is going to be at”. But first, came the drop of the other colorways. I lucked out with the “alleged” friends and family pair and also got Pharrell to sign the box (not the shoes because I wanted to rock them) in Hindi.

adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
I went with my Blank Canvas pair and the Black pair, wearing the Pharrell Williams Superstar
Indian Hypebeast
Early Pair!
Indian Sneakerhead
Himanshu Sarda got a second pair
Indian Hypebeast
With Pharrell Williams himself, getting my pair signed on the 1st of March.
Indian Sneakerhead
Asked Pharrell if he was game to sign his name in Hindi, he was a sport and did it.

And then came the day of the adidas Originals Holi Party with Pharrell Williams. I had a splitting headache and the party began at 10 AM. Yup, Holi is celebrated from 7 AM and is not a night scene. You know, daylight and bright colors? I tried sleeping off my headache but when I couldn’t I decided to wing it and got to the venue at 1 PM. Considering the party got over at 3 PM, I had missed much of the action. Especially the chance to flex my powder dyed (for real) Holi Hu NMD in front of Pharrell. But adidas Originals knows how to throw a party and I had a bloody amazing time with the rest of the community for the time I was there.

As is evident from the images.

adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
Before the full blown mayhem!
Mia of Street Style Spotlight
Mia of Street Style Spotlight
Shruti Thacker celebrates Holi
Shruti Thacker feeling festive! Daniel Franklin on his phone, in the back.
Indian Holi Party
Karan Maheshwari playing Holi hard!
adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
Beers to keep your cool in the sweltering heat
Le Shash Indian sneaker reseller
Le Shash at the Holi Party
adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
Thanking myself for having layered it with Crep Protect before leaving the house!
Nishant Joshi Radhika Prasad
The true spirit of Holi in India
Wearing Streetwear to a Holi Party
The face of regret!
Wearing Streetwear to a Holi Party
If you don’t wear Streetwear to all occasions, are you really into it?
Indian Hypebeast
Winding up for the day and heading back home

All images shot on my beat up iPhone 6.

How did you celebrate Holi, let me know in the comments. Would you wear the adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams Holi Hu NMD to celebrate? Or was it a stupid decision?

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Indian Streetwear Influencer
Got them trail shoes, now gotta start the hiking.

Indian Sneakerhead

Indian Hypebeast
They cleaned up pretty well, post the Holi party!
Indian Sneakerhead Hypebeast
If you’re wondering how they look post a clean up, here you go.
adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
Sharing the spirit of Holi with RDB in his multi colored pair.
adidas Originals Holi Hu NMD
Wearing the Holi Hu NMD like they were meant to be


  1. Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks a lot!


  2. I read the complete article and I am still unable to make sense. Sansar and Equality. There are hundreds of words missing between them. I get it, its art but dude, there are hundred things more important that SANSAR if you are going to write equality. Or maybe I am not thinking in the right direction. Enlighten me.


    • Valid point Purnima. So through his collaborations, Pharrell wants to bring out key issues and cultural relevances. Like his first collection highlighted Native Americans. And in this one, he speaks about World (Sansar) Equality riding on the Indian festival of Holi.


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