Undefeated Air Max 90, Yeezy Slides, Kith, Carhartt WIP – Streetwear Shopping Haul

I got my hands on the Undefeated Air Max 90, Yeezy Slides, some Kith tees and a few other things recently. So here is a comprehensive video, along with images of how I styled some of the products from the haul.

PS: Please note, I do not endorse rabid consumerism. Whatever I term as a “shopping haul” is used for a really long time and eventually handed-down to thrift stores. I do not participate in (nor condone) trends.

Kicking things off, as per usual, is the shopping haul video from my Youtube channel:

As soon as I unpacked the stuff, they went straight to regular use. Which is why, all the images you see of me in the merchandise are from working days. With my friends being kind enough to shoot them on an iPhone for me.

Carhartt WIP Shoulder Bag
Carhartt WIP Shoulder Bag

My love for sneakers, all began with the Air Max 90. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved sneakers. But this thing, this habit, obsession, passion, whatever you choose to call it, all began with the Air Max 90. I wasn’t even into the “culture/scene” as some people call it, as intensely as I am today.

This is the story I had done on the Air Max 90 back then.

Yeah, lol, I was trying to sound poetic and waxing eloquent back then. Anyway, when Undefeated announced their collab, I really wanted to get my hands on a pair. There were so many colorways dropping at the same time. Although I admittedly love the Black and Yellow combo, I decided to keep things subtle with this blue-highlighter colorway. Reminds me of TRON.

Air Max 90 Undefeated
The Undefeated Dubrae on the Air Max 90
Air Max 90 Undefeated
Shade Card
Air Max 90 Undefeated
The Undefeated 5 Strikes Logo, in place of the Nike Air
Air Max 90 Undefeated
On feet look of that Air Max 90 Undefeated

And then of course, there was the Yeezy Slides drop. I quite liked the Resin colorway, but that was the first to sell out. The website had this “bone” colorway sitting for a while, so I was able to add to cart and checkout quite easily.  There was a lot of hate for them, but I personally love how they look on feet.

I teamed the slides with the Kith tee that I picked up online, during the same haul, and with some Levi’s 512 Cargo Joggers. Lol. In fact, I was considering brown joggers, but Shravan advised me against it. Completed the look with the Carhartt WIP shoulder bag that I picked up from Capsul. I thought it came together quite well, with a simple and minimal feel, without looking like something straight out of Yeezy Season.

Simple Streetwear Outfit
How to style the Yeezy Slide
Carhartt WIP Shoulder Bag
Earthy Tones
Allen Claudius
How to style the Yeezy Slide
Yeezy Boost Slide
Yeezy Slide on feet
Allen Claudius
Rip N Rpr Pants with a Supreme X Nike Polo tee and the Air Jordan 1 Royal

I have always wanted to pick up cropped trousers that would work well on most sneakers but couldn’t really find a good pair. That was until Bhavisha, force-sold me a pair of Rip N Rpr cropped cargos. Lol. I tell you, these Capsul people know how to make a sale. But no regrets at all, I quite like how they look when styled right.

That’s it for this edition. Let me know what you make of the different styles and outfits, in the comments below.

All images shot on iPhone and edited on VSCO

Streetwear Shopping Haul
Streetwear Shopping Haul


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