Max-imize Your Footprint Around The City – Nike Air Max 90 Essential

A man who has spent 5 years in Maximum city. Limiting himself to the confines of the suburbs and off-peak driving hours. That is where work is, he says, that is where friends are.




The city is intimidating, the traffic crawls, there are people everywhere you care to look. He never goes to town, except when he is by himself. If you know what he means by that.



So he sets out one early Sunday morning to explore the city by foot. The traffic is missing, the populace in bed, there is near complete silence. It is gloomy in parts and sunny in some others. He walks alone. He takes in the sights. Paan stained stairs, empty pavements, vacant streets, vintage cars.



Town isn’t all that bad he says. Perhaps he will venture out again, sooner than later. When the city is in its element. When it truly is Max-imum.


His weapon of choice on this day of apparent adventure : Nike Air Max 90 Essentials.



On Al Claudius:

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What is your choice of footwear when you go exploring the city? Bowties and Bones are eager to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section.

Photographs by Deepak Singh




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