What To Get Your Lady Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Alright, admit it, we men don’t know diddly squat about how to buy a lady some jewellery. And although they would really appreciate a rock (I mean, REALLY appreciate), that is something best reserved for when you pop the question. And am not one for celebrating Valentine’s Day. I mean, the poor Saint’s head rolled thanks to a tyrant who I share a name with – Claudius. But that aside, you don’t need a commercialized day once a year to make your lady feel special. Does that mean, the rest of the 364 days are spent in complete apathy? I thought as much.

Sunglasses by RayBan, Bikini Top by Bershka, Jacket by H&M. Delicate Darling Necklace by Miss Flurrty.

I have this crush on Big Hair Loud Mouth and secretly stalk her. Yeah, I know it isn’t much of a secret now that I have acknowledged it. But one piece of jewellery I saw in a post of hers caught my attention. Digging deeper, I realized they were from Miss Flurrty. They have pretty interesting designs. Some dainty, some solid.

Nilu Thapa in her Miss Flurrty Necklace and THAT hair!

I got in touch with the folks behind the brand who only retail online. For now. The jewellery is sourced all the way from New York. I know, that raises the next obvious question, “How are they priced?”

The Miss Flurrty Crystal Body Chain
The stacked Pyramid Bracelet from Miss Flurrty

IMG_0689 IMG_0685 I was surprised to learn that they are reasonable. I wouldn’t dare say economical, because that is adverse to the GDP growth potential of our country. I don’t know what I just said there but it was an attempt to sound smart. Coming back, Miss Flurrty, were kind enough to give the readers of Bowties and Bones a discount code for purchases over INR 1,500. Just punch in the discount code when you check out. (Discount CodeFLURRTYBOW20)

The Fancy Rib Cuff from Miss Flurrty. Scratch approves of it.
The Crystal Snow White Ear Studs by Miss Flurrty.

What are you waiting for? The commercialized day of Jesus’ birth? Stand alone product photography by Deepak Singh. IMG_2571



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