adidas collaborates with International Space Station on the Ultraboost 20

adidas collaborated with the International Space Station on their latest offering, the Ultraboost 20.

Indian Sneakerhead
Space Kit

A rework on their flagship running sneaker, this time around too there have been tweaks to improve what is arguably the most iconic runner in the recent past.

Here’s a quick review video from my Youtube Channel:

The Ultraboost 20 has an all-new knit technique (feels a lot more thinner than the earlier models, except the Ultraboost 19), as well as pattern all through the upper. The advanced primeknit upper on the Ultraboost 20, features what they call a Tailored Fibre Placement Technology.

This collab between adidas and the International Space Station represents their endeavor to send out Boost to space to the study the molding process.

I never picked up a pair of the Ultraboost 19, but from what I have seen, the “stretch web” outsole from that model carries forward on the Ultraboost 20. The standard-issue Torsion Spring construction can be found in the middle of the outsole.

Ultraboost 20 Space ISS
The outsole continues to use Continental rubber, like on the earlier models of the Ultraboost

The most noticeable difference for me was the heel cup. Wait, I can’t call it a cup anymore because unlike the earlier models, this one is more of a frame. The 3D heel frame provides support to heel while locking it in place firmly. This is, after all, a running sneaker.

Latest Ultraboost
The heel cup changed over, to overlap on the boost midsole on the Ultraboost 20
Latest Running Sneaker adidas
Iridescent hits on the reworked and structured mid foot cage on the Ultraboost 20
Indian Sneakerhead
Reinforced knit around the mudguard area to improve support and durability

The other changed details, that occurred to me are the mid-foot cage, the mudguard area as well as the materials used in the heel. Much like the Ultraboost 1.0, the Ultraboost 20 sports neoprene in the heel area of the sneaker. It is firmer in nature and I guess, better equipped to handle the 3D heel frame. The midfoot cage, on the other hand, has done away with the 3 stripes slits and instead opted for a single piece that incorporates the branding on it. As for the mudguard area, there is an interesting (and with purpose) reinforcement using the Tailored Fiber Placement tech that ensures you don’t blow out with wear and tear.

Shot by Vishal Dey

Indian Sneakerhead
On feet look at the Ultraboost 20
Allen Claudius
Adidas x International Space Station Ultraboost 20
Allen Claudius
Space Case
Allen Claudius
This case was all kinds of proper!
Ultraboost 20 Space ISS
Adidas knows how to do their seeding boxes
Best running shoe
Co-branded in sole – Adidas X International Space Station
Ultraboost 20 Space ISS
The collab between Adidas and International Space Station, intends to send boost to space for testing purposes.


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