Reebok By Pyer Moss – My First Streetwear/Designer Fit Of 2020

When I first saw teased images of the Pyer Moss Experiment 4, it is safe to say, I fell in love instantly. The Reebok by Pyer Moss capsule collection is all kinds of wild!

Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
Secure the strap!
Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
Sneaker in focus

You guys would know that I absolutely love the split tooling look on sneakers, and that the Instapump Fury is my all-time favorite from the stable of Reebok Classics.

I am a simple man, I see another banger of a sneaker that looks like an Instapump on steroids and my mind says “buy it”!

Here’s a quick Christmas + sneaker unboxing video from my Youtube channel:

The Reebok by Pyer Moss capsule dropped at SoleDXB when I was there in the first week of December. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to pick it up right away, since I was hella busy with the Tailor Shop project. I did swing by, before the pop-up opened up to check them out. I fell in love with the red/blue/sail colorway. But when I swung by later, they were all gone.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019, a couple of weeks later, and I receive a package in the mail. Oh, by the way, this time, I did the entire Sneaker Christmas Tree thing, as you would have seen in the video. Anyway, I digress, I open up the package to find the black colorway of the Pyer Moss Experiment 4s! I was blown away (to say the least) by the gesture by the very kind folks at Reebok Classics.

Gotta tell you though, when your sneakers pop like the Pyer Moss Fury Trail it really challenges you to take your outfit game up a few notches.

Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
On feet view of the Experiment 4

I mean, just look at the sneaker. It looks like one of those “Monster Truck” sketches. The profile, the silhouette, everything about it is WILD!

I teamed the Reebok by Pyer Moss Experiment 4 Fury Trail with a pair of cargo joggers and layered the Pyer Moss cropped sweatshirt with a yellow tee that goes with the leather hits of the sneaker.

I kept the overall fit a little off centre. Unlike my usual, basic/simple fits. Let me know what you make of it, in the comments.

Allen Claudius
Top and Shoes from Pyer Moss / Reebok Classics
Allen Claudius
Color coordinated
Allen Claudius
Complicated Fit
Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
On feet look of the Fury Trail

Cropped Sweatshirt and Sneakers – Reebok by Pyer Moss

Shot by Shravan Shetty

Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
Attention to detail
Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
The shrowd lifts up to reveal bungee cord laces
Pyer Moss Reebok Classics
The Pyer Moss Experiment 4 Fury Trail


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