How Safe Is It To Visit Hong Kong Amidst The Protests And Riots

Hong Kong is someplace I wanted to live and work in. I love Hong Kong, much like I love Vietnam. But it is a different kind of love. I always wanted to go back since the last trip I made to Hong Kong in 2018 lasted under 48 hours.

But images and social media posts on the protests quickly turning violent and escalating had me worried, not gonna lie. It began with a proposed bill that would extradite Hong Kong citizens to mainland China, that triggered it all. But in the midst of all this, I decided to visit. Connie was going to be there for Bailey’s wedding and to visit her grandma. How bad could it be, if a whole bunch of Aussies can brave the trip, I thought to myself. Lol.

As tourism in Hong Kong dropped, hotels/Airbnb’s and airfares had become reasonable. I booked my flight 36 hours in advance of the trip and it cost me half as much as a well planned trip would. As for stay, the kind folks at Regal Group of hotels offered to host me at 2 of their properties. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Besides, I was thinking, nobody died though. But on the day of my flight, a few hours prior, a live round was fired at a student whose fate was not known to the public. The video made quite a dent though, in my confidence levels too. I wasn’t going to back down though. Worst case scenario, I would be holed up in my hotel room.

But as you can see in the vlog from my YouTube channel, it was way way way better!

The only thing I noticed or appeared to me as odd, in comparison to the earlier trip I made, was that there were far fewer people on the streets. And understandably so. As you can see in the vlog, I stayed in Mong Kok (iClub Hotel) the first few days and that was the epicenter of protests on the exact same days. I eventually moved on to the Regal Oriental Hotel in Kowloon, where things were absolutely calm.

The decrease in tourism was also evident in the fact that on 2 days, almost all stores were shut. All through Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui. Even the street vendors and ladies markets.

Should you visit Hong Kong?

I would say, yes. Do that trip. It isn’t half as bad. The weekends are the only days you need to be wary of, because most protests happen then. But when I visited, the week days were far worse than the weekends. Travel is only disrupted to the extent of MTRs being shut in certain sectors but cabs will take you where you need to get to. No flights have been disrupted. Make sure you have travel insurance, nonetheless.

Be sure to follow Facebook groups that update you on riots and protests in various areas, real time. Avoid hotels in prime spots like Mong Kok, TST, Causeway Bay.

Right now is as good a time as any other to visit Hong Kong. And I think you should make that trip. I did. And I didn’t die.

Sneaker shopping in Hong Kong
Sneaker shopping in Mong Kok
Tudor Black Bay Watch
Hong Kong is apparently a Swiss watch shopping destination. Fell in love with this piece from Tudor.
Cafes in Hong Kong
LMAO Coffee Chai
What to eat in Hong Kong
Goose, braised in Master Stock
Street Food in Hong Kong
Beef brisket with steamed rice
Street Food in Hong Kong
Chinese Fried Chicken
Allen Claudius
Clean Sheets
Regal Oriental Hotel Kowloon
Regal Oriental Hotel Kowloon used to have the Hong Kong airport right next door
What to eat in Hong Kong
Breakfast buffet at Regal Oriental
Nike Lab Causeway Bay
Nike Lab Causeway Bay
Local food in Hong Kong
Beef Roe Noodles
Elephant Grounds Causeway Bay
Bullet Proof Coffee
Spicy Beef Brisket Noodles
Spicy Beef Brisket Noodles
Yum Cha in Hong Kong
The last meal I had in Hong Kong – Yum Cha, with Chicken Legs
Connie Yan
“Keep Back”
Allen Claudius
As I took this selfie, I heard about the death of a friend.
Indian Sneakerhead
Sneaker shopping in Hong Kong
Connie Yan
Connie was just posing though
Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hotel
Happy hours saw me having 2 pints of beer back to back, on my own
Connie Yan
Harbour City Mall
Street food in Hong Kong
An aged egg in Congee
Allen Claudius
Comfy Sneakers On Flight Always
Allen Claudius
Beef Brisket Noodles
What to eat in Hong Kong
Suckling Pig and Goose BBQ on Steamed Rice
Traveling to Thailand
Rum and Coke, as always
Indian Travel Blogger
Got my Levi’s Star Wars trucker keeping me warm in Hong Kong
Allen Claudius
Checked in at iClub Mongkok Hotel
Where to shop in Hong Kong
The Bape Store at Causeway Bay
Indian Travel Blogger
Touchdown in Hong Kong and straight to my ritual of milk tea
Indian Travel Vlogger
Taro Dessert
Hypebeast Office Hong Kong
Hypebeast Office Hong Kong
Allen Claudius Hypebeast
I went to the Hypebeast office and all I got was this selfie
Chinese Coffee and Tea Mixed
Coffee and Tea Mixed
Indian Travel Blogger
Thai Smile Airlines
Bangkok Airport Duty Free
This was part of my Vietnam blog post as well, lol.
Indian Travel Blog
I love the initiatives that Thai Smile promotes.
Regal Oriental Kowloon Hotel
Regal Oriental Kowloon Hotel
Bars in Hong Kong
Last drink in Hong Kong at Balcony Bar, Kowloon
Hypebeast HQ Hong Kong
Hypebeast HQ Hong Kong
Allen Claudius
Breakfast at iClub Mong Kok
Allen Claudius's girlfriend
Brekkie at Iclub Mongkok with Connie
Connie Yan
Connie buying Wholesome Food
Iclub Mongkok Hotel
Grateful for the rest at Iclub Mongkok Hotel
What to eat in Hong Kong
A master stock (Chinese: 顶汤) is a stock which is repeatedly reused to poach or braise meats. It has its origins in Chinese cuisine and is typically used in Cantonese and Fujian cuisines. Foods poached or braised in the master stock are generally referred to as lou mei.
What to eat in Hong Kong
Beef braised in Master Stock
Uber in Hong Kong
Uber in Hong Kong was an S Class!
Asian Sneakerhead
Allen Claudius
Simple Fits
Street food in Hong Kong
Fish Balls
Shopping in Hong Kong
Undefeated at Causeway Bay
Sun Su Thai Milk Tea
Connie brought me back some Thai Milk tea from Bangkok ❤
What to eat in Hong Kong
Brick Lane Cafe for some burgers and beers
Land Rover Defender
Dream Wagon
Iclub Mongkok Hotel
Time to check out of Mong Kok
Connie Yan Brisbane
Connie was the bridesmaid at Bailey’s wedding
Street shopping in Hong Kong
Connie, wasted as fuck, buying fruits at 1 AM
Iclub Mongkok Hotel
The recreation centre at Iclub Mongkok Hotel
What to eat in Thailand
Thai Smile Flight Meal
What to eat in Hong Kong
I got quite the dirty looks because I poured hot chilli sauce in my congee! Lol
Protests in Hong Kong
Sad to see the state of Hong Kong, amidst the protests and riots
Bars in Hong Kong
Kirin beer at Brick Lane
Cafes in Hong Kong
Connie won’t have coffee but will want to pose with it
Energy Jelly Drink
First time drinking this, but I loved it – Energy Jelly Drink
Allen Claudius Girlfriend
Annoying her because she wants “Selfies” all the time
Connie Yan Brisbane
Trying to show me how to pose
Hong Kong Street Photography
This was the cutest/funniest thing I saw in Hong Kong
Streetfood in Hong Kong
Baos in Hong Kong
Connie Yan Brisbane
Connie and her aunt
Connie Yan Brisbane
Last drink at Balcony Bar

Feel free to reach out to me, if you have any queries at all about making a trip to Hong Kong. I will do my best to answer it.

All images shot on an iPhone X.

Allen Claudius Girlfriend Connie Yan
Acting all “celeb” like, with my fan girl!


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