Minimal Streetwear Inspired Fit with adidas Originals Supercourt Spotlight and Selfish

I often dress up like I am in my early 20s. Lol. Every once a while, I throw on a shirt instead of a crew neck tee. This is one of those occasions.

You can shop for the outfit on

Shout out to the guys at adidas Originals for sending through an early pair of the Supercourt Spotlight, that only drops on October 17th.

I personally love the Supercourt Premier and the Supercourt RX because the quality of leather and the silhouette is so damn good. It was nice to see a deconstructed (sort of) version be made, ie the Supercourt Spotlight. If you want to switch up from Stan Smith and Superstars, this is it!

And since I was going to be rocking a pair of all-white sneakers (yeah, it does have hits of grey and beige, I know) I thought I’d keep the overall outfit classic.

Adidas originals Supercourt
Essential White Sneakers
Allen Claudius
Clear Skies

Kicking things off is the unboxing video from my Youtube Channel. I also show you the Supercourt RX that has an entirely different vibe.

I don’t do a lot of what society would term “grown man” outfits but every once in awhile, I do enjoy looking all proper.

I have never owned a pair of Stan Smith sneakers. Although I did own Superstars and the Continental 80, they were darker colored pairs. Safe to say, this is my first (almost) triple white sneakers that look like they belong in the same family. Which is why I wanted to keep the outfit as relatable and easy to replicate as possible. The white sneaker is a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe, especially those in the corporate world who would like to stick to chinos and polos/button-up shirts. And to them I say this, you have found that one good pair in the Supercourt.

Although meant to be beaten to the ground and worn without care, they would look just as fitting at the workplace, if they were maintained to be sparkling clean and spotless.

The Supercourt is sleek and minimal in design, with attention to detail, and is built to last. If you’ve always owned a pair of white sneakers like say the Stan Smith, and are looking to switch up, I would highly recommend the Supercourt from adidas Originals. I have had it on for the entire day and they are quite comfortable. I guess credit goes to the Ortholite insole on these.

Let me know what you make of the simple outfit in the comments. And do you rock all-white sneakers? I am all ears. Or do I say, all eyes? Lol.

Allen Claudius
Jumping to conclusions always
Adidas originals Supercourt
Love the fall of these SELFISH prototype cargos on the Supercourt
Allen Claudius
I think I ought to dress up like the man that I am, more often. Lol

Outfit Details

Shirt – Selfish Prototype
Cargo Pants – Selfish Prototype
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Sneakers – adidas Originals Supercourt Spotlight

Shot by Mohit Mukhi

Adidas originals Supercourt
The leather on the adidas Originals Supercourt is so soft
Adidas originals Supercourt
Made With Care. Worn Without.


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