What I Ate, Drank, Saw And Experienced During My Trip To Hong Kong – Shot On An iPhone, edited on VSCO

Following up on my trip to China that I spoke about here, I take you through my experiences in Hong Kong during the 48 hours I spent there. The things I food and drinks I tried out.

I think I gave my heart to Hong Kong, before I even went to Hong Kong!

Allen Claudius Street Photography
The streets of Hong Kong

Since there aren’t any direct flights at the moment from Bombay to Guangzhou, we took the option of flying to Hong Kong and then doing the train from there to China. So on our way back, we had to follow the same protocol in reverse. We got off the train, Ajay picked up a local sim card and we exchanged some currency to buy MTR tickets.

I think that is the one thing that stood out to me the most about Hong Kong. The ease of getting around on MTR. You can literally, drop your bags off at the Airline counter at the Main MTR station and stroll around town and go through to boarding and departures directly. Of course after clearing immigration. That is such a luxury as a facility.

Here’s a quick travel vlog I put together of our time spent in Hong Kong.

The fashion scene in Hong Kong took me by surprise. Rolex Watches, LV handbags, Burberry Shirts were all over the place. Most youngsters were in sneakers and I saw quite a few Balenciaga Triple S kicks too. All of this continued exposure to consumerism had my “spending-senses” tingling. I knew I did not have any money on me and wanted to hold back, but there were just too many good things that I really wanted to get.

And I guess I only have Ajay to thank for that. He enlightened me with his wise words –

“Better Debt, Than Regret!”

And so, I ended up with a pair of Nike Epic React Element 87, an Off White X Nike Tee and a pair of Crysp Denims. All of them, good buys.

All these pictures were shot on my iPhone 6. I know I say this multiple times, but this phone really is beat-up and I need to buy a new one real quick. If only I can clear my debts first.

Edited on VSCO, as all my iPhone images are.

I will go back to Hong Kong frequently, that much I am sure of. I just need a tour guide to take me around to show me the sights.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have been to Hong Kong and what are the places you would recommend I check out the next time I go there.

Allen Claudius
Getting my drinks on, onboard Cathay Pacific
Cabs in Hong Kong
Love seeing these red cabs line up
Allen Claudius
Riding in a Tesla S Type

Hong Kong Roads

Allen Claudius
My first ever Michelin Star experience, thanks to Himanshu at Din Tai Fung
Michelin Star Dimsums in Hong Kong
Beef Noodle Soup at Din Tai Fung
Coffee Shops in Hong Kong
This Ginger Latte at 18 Grams was so delicious
18 Grams Coffee Hong Kong
Coffee so good, it deserved a second picture
Allen Claudius
Apple Cinnamon Bagel at 18 Grams Cafe
From where I stand
I have so many beverage and smoke shots, I had to delete a bunch of them from this post
Celine in Hong Kong
Vintage Celine
Allen Claudius
Bullet Proof Coffee at Elephant Grounds
Allen Claudius Sneaker Shopping
Picked up the Nike React Element 87 at EXI.T in Hong Kong
Allen Claudius Sneakerhead
Met this pupper at the sneaker street in Mong Kok
Custard Pie in Hong Kong
Thank you Meeta for the recommendation, this was delish
Hong Kong Street Photography
Himanshu and Ajay deciding where to get coffee before we begin our day
Allen Claudius
You know I gotta try them flavoured sodas wherever I go
Allen Claudius
Y-3 Store at Fashion walk in Hong Kong
7 Eleven in Hong Kong
Can’t do without the essentials – 7 Eleven shopping Haul, Lol
Streetwear in Hong Kong
Off White Store in Hong Kong
Evian Water
Flexing with a free bottle of Evian at the Balenciaga Store
Off White Store Hong Kong
Off White on Off White
Allen Claudius
Be@rBrick Matcha Latte
Crysp Jeans
Got me a pair of Crysp Jeans from Upstairs apparel
Allen Claudius
Too broke to fix my own ride so I will stunt in a demo car
Hong Kong Street Food
I can always do me some Bao
Food options at Fashion Walk Hong Kong
Breakfast at Elephant Grounds
Shrimp Crackers
Pre breakfast shrimp crackers
Allen Claudius
Himanshu and Ajay
Allen Claudius
Charcoal Sauce at Elephant Grounds
NikeLab Off White
Got this Off White NikeLab tee with a stroke of good timing
Allen Claudius
The back print is a thing of beauty
Bape Store Hong Kong
The Bape store is literally LIT
Allen Claudius
Beyond Meats Pho at Green Common
Hong Kong Things To Do
A Red Bull in every city I visit, is somewhat of a tradition
Porsche Cars in Hong Kong
People in Hong Kong appear to favour the Porsche
Hong Kong Street Photography
These cabs are what will always be synonymous with Hong Kong, to me


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