Streetwear Fit – Palace Skateboards, Ultra Boost, Stone Island And A Whole Lotta Love

This Streetwear Fit piece is a little different from the rest that I do. Because it features 2 people who have played important roles in my life the last 7 to 8 years. They have influenced my life and are the reason I am, the person I am, today.

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Palace Tees in India
All his life, Scratch has only been confused by his parents mixed directions

Allen Claudius

Sheral and I are wearing the Palace Triferg Full Sleeved Tee and twinning in Ultraboost sneakers. Scratch wears an NY bandana bought for him by uncle Sahil when he visited America a couple of years ago.

Scratch came into my life about a year before Sheral did. Growing up, I had a stray mixed dachshund pupper and his name was Brutus. I loved him to bits and he was an absolutely adorable and disciplined guy. I think he took after the “me” that I was, back then. He grew old and died and I could not be around him during his last days which made me break down and cry more than once. When I moved to Bombay, I decided to get me Scratch. From where I come, dogs are meant to be tied up the entire day and are expected to guard the house and all that. And not knowing any better, that is how I kept Scratch.

He’d be tied the entire day except when it was walking time.

That was until he fell severely ill and every night I would carry him to my bed not knowing if he would survive the night. Once he recovered, Scratch got used to leashless life and sleeping next to humans. It is the only way now. And I guess at times we need some rough times to appreciate the smaller joys of life.

Sheral has always stood by me, through the lows and lows. Lol because I seldom have any highs. And that is why I will always appreciate her for the person that she is. Ever giving, never asking. If only I had half the heart she possesses, I would be a better man.

It has been about 11 months since I left Scratch behind with his mommy Sheral. I miss him and have only been able to make 2 trips back to Bangalore to spend time with him. Here’s hoping 2019 is kinder with finances and long weekends to spend time with people who matter.

Allen Claudius
Look at that strut!
Allen Claudius
Those beady eyes though!

Allen Claudius

Hype Dog
This picture pretty much sums Scratch’s life

These images were shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones back in June of 2018.

I know, I uploaded these half a year later.

But I guess my recent trip to Bangalore that coincided with Scratch having to be hospitalized and on drips made me appreciate these images more than I otherwise would.

Bayan Sheikh
Shout out to Aunty Bayan for helping me during the stressful time of Scratch’s treatment. Don’t think I’d be able to manage on my own.

Outfit Details

Tee – Palace Skateboards
Sneakers – Ultraboost Undefeated on me; Ultraboost 3.0 on Sheral Pereira
Shorts – Stone Island

Family Portrait with Dog
Ever wondered if your Pupper thinks your chin is your face because that is what they see most often.
Palace Skateboards Triferg Tee
Family Portrait
Streetwear Dog
Making his puppy face for an extra treat

Streetwear Puppy



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