Dubai Exclusives And Local Brand Tees I Picked Up In Dubai And SoleDXB

I was in Dubai for SoleDXB again this year. SoleDXB 2018 was an event I had scheduled in as early as March of this year. The brand we are working on, Selfish, was scheduled for it’s big launch. But since we like to get everything perfect (rather than push you average product) we decided to not go-live till we got the desired output. But the Selfish team traveled to Dubai seeking inspiration and to chat up with the community. It was a good trip and well worth the time and effort.

Check out my images from SoleDXB 2017 here.

Check out my travel post from my trip to Dubai in 2017 here.

Whilst I was in Dubai and since I was attending SoleDXB, I decided to get some of their exclusive drop tees and also went around the Emirate looking for anything specific to the region that I could pick up.

Tee 1

A throwback to the Air Dubai Jordan tee I picked up in Dubai back in 2017. This one, I picked up at the new Nike flagship store at Dubai Mall. They even had the Swoosh DXB tee but sadly ran out of my size. This tee is perfect for the Bred or the Bred Toe Air Jordan 1.

Allen Claudius
Indian Sneakerhead
The bathtub shot that we planned didn’t happen so this is a tribute to the idea. Lol.

Tee 2

From the Early Retirement stall at SoleDXB, I picked up this Basement UK tee specifically for the Dubai flag and that Gold text. You know, Gold being synonymous with Dubai? Also that is quite the nice box logo.

Allen Claudius
Basement Approved
Basement Dubai Exclusive Tee
Basement Dubai Exclusive Tee

Tee 3

Not an exclusive, but a very good tee from local brand 5ive Pillars, this tee caught my attention because of the fine embroidery and the back print in Arabic. The weight of the tee is quite high but the fit and fall of it is something I absolutely love. Wore it on my trip to Thailand the following weekend.

Streetwear in Dubai
5ive Pillars Embroidered Tee
Streetwear in Dubai
Back Print in Arabic

Tee 4

I have a soft spot for Amongst Few. They did an NBA exclusive collab capsule this year and dropped during SoleDXB. Peep that embroidered patch on the chest and the Gold (of course) Arabic font printed on the back with the brand name – Amongst Few.

Allen Claudius
NBA Embroidered Patch
Amongst Few NBA Capsule
That Gold Arabic Flow

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Signing out with this shot of the Selfish Linebreak Nightmare tee with the SoleDXB magazine. Let me know what you think of the pick-ups in the comments.

SoleDXB Magazine
Selfish at SoleDXB


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