What I Ate, Drank, Saw And Experienced During My Trip To China – Shot On An iPhone

I have always been fascinated with China. You know, growing up, Chinese cuisine was my favorite to get. Be it my birthday or something festive like Christmas, I would always opt for Chinese food when in Mangalore. Hao Hao, is what it is called and they still run to a packed house today.

Heck, I even tried to get me a Chinese girlfriend but she just wouldn’t say YES!

Anyway, I happened to go on a short work trip through STYLABS to study the market. It was far from what I expected, in both good and bad ways. Well, to be honest, the bad ways were perhaps only limited to 2 things – Language barrier and data/internet restrictions. You know, almost nobody that we tried to interact with knew English. Except for hotel staff or upmarket bar staff. We tried so hard to get a data sim or ask for Chicken. But neither of those things are as simple as you would think they’d be.

Oh and I forget the most critical thing, they don’t have bum showers. You know, butt faucets? Whatever you call those things. And to make things worse, I left India with an upset stomach which only got aggravated because I would eat anything and everything I would see. But you know, “better well fed than regret.”

Also since there are no direct flights from Bombay, we had to take one to Hong Kong and then hop into an Uber that took us straight to the train station at Hung Hom. We then boarded a train that took us to Guangzhou, where we then took a cab to the hotel. It was an excruciatingly long journey with no breaks in between.

Here’s a Travel Vlog of my experiences in China:

Although I must admit I fell in love with the old city vibes of Hung Hom and want to go check it out soon. Maybe in 2019?

Ok, lol, that didn’t make sense but it was a quote I would hear often from Ajay during the trip. Which I will talk about in the next post that talks about my trip to Hong Kong.

All images shot on an iPhone 6 and edited on VSCO.

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Things to do in China
Getting ready for a long onward journey
Hong Kong Airport
Landed in Hong Kong and headed for a smoke before the next leg of the journey
Things to do in China
50 cents in China come in notes too! WTH

Canton Fair

Duck Innards Noodle Soup
Duck Innards Noodle Soup – Thanks for the translation Connie 😉
Things to do in China
The view from the Canton Fair Mc Donalds
Things to do in China
Pharrell Williams Solar Hu Pure Boost sitting on shelves, a month after drop in Guangzhou
Things to do in China
Outfit for the evening exploring Guangzhou
Bubble Tea in China
Trying the Boba Tea at Hey Tea, Guangzhou
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Mc Donalds make some interesting pies in China
Things to do in China
I just love clean roads, because it isn’t something I get to see often in India. Or ever.
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Perfect for a shoot but for now we just have this image
Things to do in China
7 Eleven meals are so delish

One thing you need to absolutely be aware of, is the fact that nobody speaks English in China. Ok, maybe I exaggerate. But except for the hotel staff at Hilton Tianhe, I did not encounter one person who could speak English. Not at Mc Donald’s, not at KFC, not at 7 Eleven, no fucking where. Even using a translating app, we couldn’t ask for Chicken. I mean I ate whatever I ate.

And then I would take pictures of my meal and send them to Connie to translate for me.

Otherwise, I would live in eternal dread. Not like it matters to me, lol.

Things to do in China
Elevator Selfie with Himanshu and Ajay
Things to do in China
It’s customary for me to have Red Bull in every country I visit. Well, at least the one custom I can talk about.
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Apparently this candy is pretty famous!
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Trying to get that selfie
Things to do in China
Ajay and Himanshu made me hit the gym on our last day in China
Things to do in China
Not my backpack
Fogs in China
It got pretty foggy one evening in China
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
The Yeezy Boost 700 Mauve
Things to do in China
I wish the flavour was also different much like the text on this can of Coke
Things to do in China
Levi’s 512 on Air Jordan 1 Shadow

Allen Claudius Travel Blogger

Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
The Canton Tower covered in fog
Things to do in China
My China Sneaker Rotation
Things to do in China
This security guard had a Chihuahua pupper
Things to do in China
Passive Aggressive Notice
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Sticky Rice and Fried Rice with some Yum Cha
Dinner at The Happy Monk
Happy Monk at Party Pier
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
Look at that pupperino
MTR from Hong Kong to China
Eggs, Mushroom and Rice on the MTR
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
The detailing on this can of Coca-Cola is insane
King Sarsae in China
Tastes like Iodex with fizz. Wonder if it also relieves back ache
Allen Claudius Travel Blogger
I would move to Australia just to have a regular supply of this Apple Crumble Cider
Things to do in China
Balanced Diet

Coming up next are images from my subsequent trip to Hong Kong. Amidst all this there are a bunch of videos I shot as well of the entire trip. When I have those clips pieced together, I shall have the vlogs uploaded on my YouTube Channel. So be sure to subscribe.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to China or ever intend to go there. I know I did not do the commonly visited cities of Beijing and Shanghai. Have saved that for the next time I go on a guided tour perhaps.

Are you reading this Connie?

Guangzhou China Tourism
This view though!

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