Streetwear Fit – Gosha Rubchinskiy, Stone Island, Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe, Off White, Supreme

Streetwear Fit as a segment focusses on everyday wear primarily. In this edition, I take you through one of my outfits when I visited Mangalore for a couple of days back in October.

All images shot and edited by Roshan Images

I know Roshan through a friend of mine, Bejoy, and had met him when I took a gap year in College while I was in Mangalore. I remember back then, both Roshan and Bejoy were into sneakers and were both Nike boys. They rocked the same Lunarlon runner in different colorways. I met Roshan a couple of times on and off in the last 2 years and we got talking about travel, sneakers and life in general. I was in Mangalore to get my passport renewed for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong and China. I bumped into him at a nightclub and we were like, let’s hang out and explore the old city when we’re free. Surely enough, the very next day we went to the old port of Bundar which is perhaps the oldest port in India if I am not mistaken. Fact check me, please?

Here is a vlog of my trip to Mangalore

Watch me unbox the Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe

Roshan, being the photographer that he is, was packing his camera on him. So we fired off a few shots in the older side of town next to some “rustic” backdrops. I wish I knew Mangalore had so many colors. I’d have planned some fits for the ‘gram.

But these images work pretty well, regardless.

Supreme in India

Mangalore is home. I was born and brought up in that quaint town. It will always be home, although to be honest, it does feel alien since I don’t visit often. Development has changed the entire landscape of what used to be a self-contained and content town. There are malls and high rise apartments, none of which were a thing until about 5 years ago I would think.

Remember how I said I dress for the ‘gram like I do in everyday life? Which is why you might think that my fit sticks out given the surroundings but that is really how I am every single day.

You’d know if you follow me on Instagram.

What do you make of it? If you’re from India or have traveled to India, have you ever visited Mangalore? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

Allen Claudius

Sneaker Culture in India
The Bundar Port, which is apparently older than the main port of Bombay.
How to style Streetwear
I did not have the faintest clue that Mangalore had such beautiful spots!

Allen Claudius

Outfit Details

Tee – Gosha Rubchinskiy
Pants – Stone Island
Sunglasses – Off White
Bum Bag – Supreme
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe

Check out this streetwear fit from my trip to Delhi earlier this year.

Stone Island Cargo



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