Streetwear Fits Through The Week – Stone Island Cargos, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe and Shadow

In this edition of Streetwear Fits through the week, we take a look at how you could just change over a couple of elements in your look for 2 diverse styles. I go smart in one and kicked back in the other.

Let us dive-in to the looks that are not as street, as they are smart.

As most other times, kicking things off with unboxing videos from my YouTube channel:

Outfit 1

I rarely wear button-up shirts. When I do, it usually is to impress. Lol. I mean every time I wear full-length pants, I receive a tonne of compliments because I am otherwise seen in shorts every single day!

This is my go-to look when I am critical client interventions. A smart button up shirt with my favorite Stone Island pants and a pair of Air Jordan 1s. The Air Jordan 1 Shadow is breaking in real nice, with the amount of wear time I have given it. I should pick up another pair. The shirt in this picture is a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt. I remember wanting to pick one up in December of 2017 but didn’t have the monies. I mean, I still don’t have the monies. This was a birthday present from Sheral and I absolutely love this shirt.

Shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Pants – Stone Island Cargos
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Shadow
Watch – Omega
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Wrist Cuff – Miansai

Streetwear India
Ahead of the Palace Collaboration
Allen Claudius
When you have a business meeting at 10 but a roof top chase at 4 and a basketball game at 7.

Stone Island Cargo Pants

Outfit 2

I kept key pieces of the previous look and only switched over a few elements for this one. I swapped out the button-up shirt for a crew neck tee by Gosha. I did a color swap of the Air Jordan 1 Shadows for the Bred Toe. And just like that, I have a look that is casual and easy-going.

Which is why I am big on repeating outfits or only owning a few key pieces in your wardrobe at any given point. The downside being, having to do your laundry quite regularly. Lol. But you see how you could just change a couple of elements and get an entirely different look? I mean, I could still have had my Shadow 1s on for I care.

Tee – Gosha Rubchinskiy
Pants – Stone Island Cargos
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear
Wrist Cuff – Miansai

Streetwear Influencer India
Probably the only tee I own that I can’t read the contents of.
Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe
The one pair of lowers I seem to wear all the time.
Streetwear Outfit Inspiration
I always wear sunglasses because when I don’t, I look scared. Lol

Let me know in the comments what you make of both these diverse, yet very similar, fits. Are you big on mixing things up or do you just like to go with entirely different fits all the time?

All images shot on an iPhone and edited on VSCO.


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