Streetwear Fits Shot On iPhone – Supreme, Stone Island, Mastermind Japan, Acronym Air Force 1, Off White, Amongst Few

Streetwear Fits through the week ties in with my claim of wearing my Instagram fits every day. I am on the “wave” every single day and not just for that Instagram flex. I wear what I buy, long time. And regardless of the day of week or occasion, I am in my favorite sneakers and streetwear fits.

Which is why I thought it would be a good idea to document my fits on the website. No fancy camera work nor editing here. Just good old iPhone photographs with a bit of VSCO thrown in.

Outfit 1

Lazy Sunday fit is the first look I got out. I was walking the lanes of Bandra with a friend after brunch. Saw this nice little corner house in one of the lanes and decided to fire off a few shots on his iPhone. Because my phone is way too ancient to do anything with. Lol.

Tee – Supreme X CDG Box Logo
Shorts – Stone Island
Socks – Supreme
Sneakers – Acronym Air Force 100
Sunglasses – Off White
Watch – Omega
Lighter – Supreme Zippo

Streetwear Outfit Inspiration
How I will be when I am 70 and in an old age home.
Supreme Zippo Lighter
Let me spark your fiyah!
Allen Claudius
That’s how you pack your lighter, lads.

Outfit 2

This is my regular “walk down the road to meet a friend and grab a coffee” fit. I turned these Mastermind EQTs into semi-beaters. When I just want to slip on a mid sneaker and walk a short distance. They are super comfy, needless to say and I wish I had picked them up in the black colorway. Also, I think a UK 8.5 in adidas Originals sizing should be the way to go for me.

I must mention though, that the touch on this Amongst Few Dubai tee is mad soft. The tee is super comfy and I will pick up a couple more of them sooner than later.

Tee – Amongst Few
Shorts – Stone Island
Sneakers – Mastermind Japan EQT Mid
Sunglasses – Off White
Wrist Cuff – Miansai

Summer Streetwear Looks
My everyday uniform
Allen Claudius
The quality of this Amongst Few tee is top of the shelf stuff
Allen Claudius
This Mastermind Collab EQT does not get the credit it deserves

Let me know your thoughts on these posts and if you’d like to see more of my everyday flow on the website. Lol. I know, I quoted Jake Paul. What the heck is wrong with me?!

Check out the unboxing video of the Acronym Air Force 1

All images shot on an iPhone and edited using VSCO on days I wore the outfit.

Check out this Streetwear Fit shot using an iPhone of the Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan 1.



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