Streetwear Fit – Thrasher Tees In India, adidas Originals Prophere, Justin Timberlake Levi’s, Air Jordan 1, Off White

As you guys already know, Thrasher is now in India retailing for the first time ever. Of course, they chose STYFI as their official retailer on our shore. You can read all about it here.

Shop for Thrasher in India here:

In this streetwear fit piece, I feature 2 of the Thrasher tees I purchased from STYFI. The drop was on 19th October 2018, I placed my order and got 2 Thrasher tees that I really love – The Skate Goat and The Boyfriend Tee. I wore one of them on Sunday and the other on Monday. Which is why it is easier to get them uploaded on the website since they were shot real time on an iPhone.

Remember how I said I would document more of my everyday fits on my website? This is going to be an ongoing thing now. After all, there is no difference between my online and offline life.

Outfit 1

For my first fit, I threw on a white Thrasher tee with a pair of digital printed camo jeans from Levi’s. This is the Justin Timberlake collaboration pair. The fit is a 501 ST (Slim Taper), which is the classic 501 fit with a bit of taper that is somewhat like the 512. Not as exaggerated but compared to a regular 501 or the 501 CT, the overall fit is a lot slimmer, just like the name suggests.

This pair is not popular because of the elaborate design on it. But I guess we all could use some fun in our jeans. Get it? Get it?

Rounding off the look is a pair of Air Jordan 1 Storm Blues. I picked this up a year ago in Indonesia during Urban Sneaker Society. Here’s the unboxing video I shot when I was in Jakarta.

And now for the fit.

Justin Timberlake Levi's

Thrasher in India

Allen Claudius

Tee – Thrasher (click here to buy)
Jeans – Justin Timberlake X Levi’s (click here to buy)
Sneakers – Jordan 1 Storm Blue
Sunglasses – Off White

Outfit 2

For this fit, I teamed the Thrasher Skate Goat tee with a pair of XBYO joggers and the adidas Originals Prophere monochrome. The Prophere was a gift from the folks at adidas Originals India. Rounding off the look is my Omega Seamaster and the Off White Sunglasses.

Very Ninja vibes, wouldn’t you say? A hipster coffee drinking Ninja. Lol.

Here’s the unboxing video of the Prophere from my YouTube channel.

And now for the 2nd fit.

Thrasher in India

Thrasher Skate Goat Tee

Allen Claudius

Tee – Thrasher (click here to buy)
Joggers – adidas Originals XBYO
Sneakers – adidas Originals Prophere
Watch – Omega Seamaster
Sunglasses – Off White

Check out my other streetwear fits shot on an iPhone here.

Let me know what you make of these fits. I know, they aren’t skater fits. But that is because I am no skater. Appropriation is something we all are guilty of.

All images shot on an iPhone and edited on VSCO


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