Streetwear Fit – Palace, Levi’s 512 Chino/Jeans, Air Jordan 1 Shadow, Palace and Chimi Eyewear

In this edition of Streetwear Fit, I bring back the Levi’s 512 but in a part chino/part jeans format.  If you have followed me for a bit, you’d know that the Levi’s 512 is my favorite fit to wear with sneakers. The jeans were made to be worn with sneakers, which is why they fall so well. And it isn’t your run of the mill skinny jeans. Nah, it is for men with some meat to them.

Check out how the Levi’s 512 looks with different types of sneakers here.

What I loved about these bottoms is the way Levi’s blended jeans into a regular pair of chinos and made it look so good. I mean sure we have seen taped seam jeans a heap now. But taking in indigo jeans on the sides and attaching chinos to the back and front is so damn amazing, with the final result. Because the pants are so detailed and funky, I decided to keep the rest of the look muted. Which is why I teamed the chino jeans with the Air Jordan 1 Shadow.

Allen Claudius

Levi's 512 Jeans Made for sneakers

Watch me unbox an early pair of the Air Jordan 1 Shadow on my YouTube Channel. If you are lucky you still might be able to get a pair at Retail stores.

Completing the look, I threw on a grey Palace Skateboards tee with a Colosseum Triferg. the backprint teams up well with the Levi’s 512 Chino Jeans and the primary color works well with the Air Jordan 1 Shadow. Add to that, my trusty Supreme bum bag with all my summer essentials and it all ties in together. My Supreme bum bag has taken a fair amount of beating though. I need to upgrade it sooner than I thought.

What do you make of the Levi’s 512 Chino Jeans? I think it is a pretty well put together piece, in their new collection. Would you be looking to get yourself a pair?

Let me know in the comments.

Indian Streetwear Influencer Sneakerhead

Allen Claudius
My Supreme Bum Bag has taken quite the beating. Time to upgrade?

Allen Claudius

Best Air Jordan Shoe

Outfit Details

Tee – Palace Skateboards
Bum Bag – Supreme
Chino/Jeans – Levi’s 512
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Shadow
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear

All images shot on iPhone and edited on VSCO.

Shop for Levi’s sneaker jeans online:

Supreme in India

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