Thrasher Magazine Merch Is Now Available In India – Streetwear Fit Including Stone Island and Parley Ultraboost

Thrasher Magazine Merch Is Now Available In India – Streetwear Fit Including Stone Island and Parley Ultraboost. I know, the first half of the title is a proper promotional pitch. But you wouldn’t expect me to be all modest when I finally managed to get Thrasher to retail in India along with Stylabs!

Shop for Thrasher in India here:

Indian Streetwear Influencer
Bringing Thrasher to India soon!

Thrasher Tees in India

I remember back in 2016 wanting to get my hands on a Thrasher tee and not being able to. Because, obvious reasons like accessibility. It wasn’t sold in India. Shopping internationally meant paying heck loads in shipping. The one website that sold Thrasher and shipped to India all-inclusive ( made the prices unreasonable owing to high duties and a flat shipping fee.

During one of my trips to Malaysia, my brother Avith took me to one of these skate shops. And behold, they had every brand I wanted at that point. The Hundreds, Stussy, and the brand that evaded me the most, Thrasher.

I shot some of it on my iPhone as a vlog. Had forgotten about this video. Also a glimpse of my other Thrasher tees that I purchased from vacations I did overseas.

Allen Claudius HUF Street Wear Fit
My first ever Thrasher tee in the Skate Mag font
Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
Thrashing about town in this HUF collaboration tee
Allen Claudius
Thrasher collaborated with Supreme in 2017 as well
Bowties and Bones
Thrasher Flames Logo Tee

Needless to say, I picked up a bunch of stuff from the store. But I hated the thought of having to only shop during a vacay. I would rather have the luxury or privilege of being able to shop my favorite brands when I am in India. After all, isn’t that what made the scene change in Streetwear and Sneaker Culture? Accessibility?

Fast forward to early 2018. I currently work as Creative Director for Stylabs, a digital innovation studio that creates experiences in Fashion, Technology, and Retail. I am in ongoing conversations with brands like Thrasher and The Hundreds, who wanted to evaluate if India as a market was ready for streetwear. Himanshu (co-founder of Stylabs) and I were of the opinion India has been ready for quite a while now. Whereas everyone else (almost) they met, dissuaded the brands from entering the market in 2018.

Lucky for me, Himanshu mirrored my thoughts and voila, we bring to you Thrasher apparel for the first time in India, exclusively at retail prices.

Stylabs intends to bring in a lot more options in streetwear over the next 6 months.

What brands would you like to see next being retailed in India? No, don’t say Bape and Supreme. Lol. But let me know in the comments.

Buy Thrasher tees in India here:

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

PS: The Thrasher tee I am wearing in this post is an exclusive collaboration with HUF and is not part of the collection being sold online in India.

Buy Thrasher in India

Allen Claudius

India's leading authority in Streetwear

Elevator Editorial Fashion Shoot

Stone Island Cargo Shorts

Outfit Details

Tee – Thrasher X HUF Worldwide
Shorts – Stone Island
Watch – Omega Seamaster
Sneakers – adidas Ultraboost X Parley

You can buy Thrasher tees and hoodies in India here:

Allen Claudius

Streetwear in India
Opening the floodgates of streetwear in India, beginning with Thrasher merch

Thrasher in India Allen


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