Reebok Classics Collaborate With Tom And Jerry – Review Of the Jerry-Themed Club C Revenge

The team at Reebok Classics India sent through a pair of the Club C Revenge from their Tom and Jerry collaboration. This is my first ever pair of the Club C and I fell in love with it. With this specific model. I give you an up-close look at the sneaker in a video and through images, to help you make the decision of picking them up, in this post.

Here’s an unboxing and on-feet video of the Jerry-themed Reebok Classic Club C Revenge from my YouTube channel:

If I am honest, I have never been a fan of the Club C sneaker. If you go through my entire collection at any point (you can check it out on my Instagram) you will notice that at best, there would be just 1 or 2 pairs that are an old-school tennis silhouette. Which is why, when these kicks arrived in the mail, I was taken aback with how much I love them.

The upper is made of hairy suede in brown, with subtle hints of pink blood-lining the Reebok Classic vector. The sock liner is all pink in color, mimicking the brown skin and pink ears of Jerry in the cartoon. The in-soles as well, are bright pink on one shoe while the other is electric blue. You have black darts to mark areas that represent the temporary bruises Jerry would sustain in a fight or an explosion. The heel tab has a bomb embroidered on one and the other has exclamations on it. The outsole represents a block of cheese, that Tom and Jerry would often fight over. While the tongue tabs on the Reebok Classics Club C Revenge have Tom and Jerry on either pair.

The details on the sneaker are quite elaborate. I really loved the effort, thought process and love that has gone into the design of the Tom and Jerry Club C Revenge. I think I should let the images do all the talking.

Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
On-feet look at the Reebok Club C, themed after Jerry
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
Bomb details on the heel of the Jerry themed Reebok Club C
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
The insole on the left pair has an ode to Jerry printed on it.
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
The detailing on the heels, is by far my favourite. It makes the sneaker pop visually.
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry details on the tongues of either pairs
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
The outsole is meant to represent a block of cheese that Tom and Jerry would often fight over
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
The Club C Revenge Silhouette

Links to shop:

Let me know if you picked up a pair for yourself, in the comments. And also let me know if you are team Tom or team Jerry!

All images shot on my iPhone and edited using VSCO

Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
The attention to detail on this pair is something else.
Reebok Club C Tom and Jerry
Hairy suede to replicate the fur on Jerry


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