Spring Summer Streetwear Fit – Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint, Carhartt, Levi’s Made and Crafted Japanese Denim

The first Spring Summer Fit of 2019, sees me in Levi’s Japanese Made and Crafted jeans, as well as Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tints still. Usually, around this time of year, I am already in shorts. But I guess it hasn’t gotten as humid in Bombay yet. Or perhaps it is a factor of me being sheltered by aircon at home, in my car, and at work. Add to it the fact that I seldom step out of my house (you know, no friends and no social life and what not) it still feels nice and pleasant.

Before we kick off with the outfit, here’s a quick unboxing and on-feet video of the Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint from my YouTube channel

I kept my fit pretty easy and simple, inspired by the Japanese Sakura colors (Cherry Blossoms) that are seen this time of year. Obviously, not in India, lol.

I teamed my Carhartt polo tee with a pair of Levi’s 512 Jeans. As you would have seen in the past as well, I love teaming Levi’s 512 with Air Jordan 1s. Keeping accessories to a minimal, as always, I have on my Chimi Eyewear shades and my trusty desk diver, the Omega Seamaster 300.

However, you must note that the Levi’s pair that I have on, are not regular run-of-the-mill jeans. Launched in 2009, Made and Crafted, was introduced as a premium collection of jeans for their loyalists who had grown to love their Levi’s fits but wanted something that was borderline luxury. The silhouettes are progressive and the craftsmanship on an artistic level. Just look at the rising sun embroidery below the trademark patch! Another interesting detail was the absence of the trademark pocket stitch (batwing pattern) and in it’s place a tan marking the position of where the stich would otherwise be.

Even the patch for that matter, comes in all-black leather, while the signature tab is navy in color for this seasonal drop. Inspiration for this collection has been drawn from Japan. Much like the rest of my outfit theme. Which is why the rising sun. A select few pieces are also Made in Japan, they come with the Japanese flag on the inner waistband and the rising sun on the Levi’s patch is colored-in in a deep red. My jeans though, were made in Turkey because I specifically wanted the 512 for my Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint.

Speaking of, this is perhaps the first time I was so on-the-fence about an Air Jordan 1. Although the colorway had me torn first of all (I would have preferred a color blocking like the Bred Toe or Black Toe) the quality of materials used put me off. They applied the pebbled look to the black hits of the leather and ruined what would have looked beautiful with creasing. Add to that, the pink hits that used flat leather that almost feels like paper. Had they maintained the quality of material like on the Bred or Shadows, these joints would have flown off shelves. But hey, I got my pair although I am complaining.

Check out a similar fit I did with the Chinatown Market tee and the Air Jordan 1 ROTY.

Pink Air Jordan Sneakers 1
Just the right shade for summer
Levi's Made in Japan
Rising Sun, Tense Buns
Indian Sneakerhead Allen Claudius
Sakura Vibes
Allen Claudius
Signature Portrait Shot
Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint
Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint

Let me know what you make of the fit. And what colors are you looking forward to wearing this Summer.

Outfit Details

Tee – Carhartt Work In Progress
Jeans – Levi’s 512 Made and Crafted
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint
Shades – Chimi Eyewear
Watch – Omega Seamaster

All images shot on an iPhone X by Sahil Wason.

Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint
Tonal Shades


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