The Last Leg Of My Trip In Vietnam, At Ho Chi Minh, With Connie

In this post, I take you through my last few days in Vietnam, spent at Ho Chi Minh city, with Connie Yan.

For the first 2-part post, check this link here.

We had just wound up our trip to Hanoi and Ninh Binh and came to Ho Chi Minh for some of that urban life. We had a nice little Airbnb booked at District 1 (which is the area you should consider staying in when you visit Saigon) that had all places of our interest accessible on foot.

We did a lot of cafes, food, a fair bit of shopping, etc. Connie had to leave for Australia a day prior to me. That was obviously a factor of my airline canceling my return flights. Shout out to Sahil for booking me on follow-up flight the next morning, that took me through Bangkok.

As always, a vlog from my YouTube channel to kick-start this post:

And now, I will take you through our days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam through images I shot on my phone as we went along.

Airbnb in vietnam
This basic yet functional AirBnB made our stay in Ho Chi Minh super easy and nice
Connie Yan
First meal on our return to Ho Chi Minh was this fancy place called the Secret House
Sapporo Beer
Beer so expensive, we had to split a can. If I am honest though, it is because it was beyond my means.
Secret House Ho Chi Minh
Stir Fried Rice with a side of veggies and Pork Belly
Cute Corgi Pictures
Mood all day, every day.
Nike Air Max Day at G Lab
Nike Air Max Day at G Lab
Nike Air Max Day at G Lab
Prep work for Nike Air Max Day at G Lab
Indian Sneakerhead
Perhaps the only image of mine from my trip to Vietnam. I know it isn’t scenic like it were taken at sunrise over a mountain. But I will work with what I can get.
5theway Vietnam
5theway has gained quite the cult following over the years in Vietnam. Almost as much as Supreme, dare I say?
Connie Yan
Get you someone who looks at you the way Connie looks at expensive ham and cheese.
Pizza 4 P's Takashimaya
Pasta at Pizza 4 P’s
Pizza 4 P's Takashimaya
Half and Half Pizza, with some fancy cheese I don’t know the name of with some real expensive ham that is beyond my affordability, and bacon
Where to get the best Pho in Saigon
Now, this is more like a meal I can pay for. 3 USD. All in. Lol
Best meals in Ho Chi Minh
Lol, another meal I can afford. Beef Stew and Banh Mi bread
What to eat in Vietnam
Connie has always been obsessed with free lime/lemon
Connie Yan
Excited to absorb Vietnamese food and culture. Which is something Connie values a lot more than Indian, as I eventually learned.
Miyama Cafe, Takashimaya
Almond Milk Butterscotch Frappe. I did not know Almonds have titties.
Miyama Cafe, Takashimaya
Yet again, fancy dessert at Miyama Cafe, which is beyond my means. All paid for by Connie
Famous Pho in Vietnam
Beef Stew and Noodles at Pho 2000
Connie Yan
I don’t think I have ever loved someone as unconditionally as I have loved this fucking pain in the ass!
Clear skies in Vietnam
Clear skies in Vietnam
Connie Yan
Don’t think I have ever seen anything cuter than Connie when she smiles.
Connie Yan
The last meal we had in Vietnam, at Pho Cong.
Connie Yan Allen Claudius
I can’t do selfies, even if it meant more representation on social media. Which is why I seldom make it.
Connie Yan
Perhaps the last time I see Connie
Snob Coffee Vietnam
Stepped out of the AirBnB late at night to get me some coffee since I was all alone and feeling hella lonely
Big Bowl Ho Chi Minh Airport
Last Pho at Big Bowl Ho Chi Minh Airport
Bangkok Travel Blog
Over Bangkok Skies
Mango Sticky Rice at Bangkok
Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok
Chang Beer on Bangkok Airlines
Chang Beer on my flight from Bangkok to Bombay
Bangkok Airport Duty Free Shopping
Gucci at the Bangkok Airport Duty Free

Let me know what you make of the vlog and my experiences overall. I know, I know, it was mostly all food. Lol. But I would like to know anyway.

All images shot on my iPhone X, unedited.

Airport security essentials in a tray
Always pack the essentials

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