We Used To Be Friends – Disney Vans Sk8 Hi Re-issue

We used to be friends,
we used to be inner circle.
1998 Chet Faker

Disney Vans Levi's Denim on Denim

Levi's Denim on Denim

Mickey Mouse, born in 1928, is the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company. His best friend Donald Duck and Goofy along with Mickey’s pet dog Pluto make up memories of childhood. We didn’t have a TV for the longest time. When we eventually did, it had all of 4 channels on it although there was just the one network!

Mickey and friends, were our inner circle. We used to be friends. We drifted apart as time and distance happened to us. Just like in real life with real people.

Disney Vans Sk8 Hi

Friends are critical to ones survival. I have always needed friends but not always had them. Although I hate to admit it and at times insist I am better off by myself. When you don’t have friends, you make do with yourself. Unless you have a banging time with yourself (ok that didn’t sound right) there is no way others are going to enjoy your company. The thing with friends is, you get to choose them unlike the relatives that you inherit. With relatives, you cannot really say no I don’t want you to be my cousin any longer. With friends, things can end. Sometimes for the strongest of reasons and at times for the lamest.

I am quite the toxic friend to have. I am short tempered, have high expectations, demand a lot, want undivided attention. Also, whenever we fight it never is my fault and you alone are to be blamed.

I don’t make friends easily but when I do, I respect them and hold them close like family. Which is where my fault of expecting arises. It is easier said than done, to stop expecting and sort life out. But that is not the way the human brain is wired. I have had a fall-out with every single (close) friend of mine. We have gone days, weeks, months and years without speaking to each other. But I have made peace with all of them, almost. And I have been closer to them than from before the fall out.

But the point is, as you get older, you start losing track of stuff. You are short on time and priorities change. You may not always text or call your friends. And your friends would perhaps be going through the same cycles. The ones that remain are those that respect the truth – You don’t have to be in touch constantly to stay friends. And whenever you catch up after all those months/years, it will be like you guys met just the previous weekend. You pick things up where you left them and you go.

We still are friends.

Disney Vans Sk8 Hi

Disney Vans Sk8 Hi

Disney Vans Sk8 Hi

Disney Vans Levi's Denim on Denim

Shot by Rajeev for Bowties and Bones

Here is a quick unboxing and on-feet review video of the kicks.

Outfit Deets:

Sneakers – Vans Sk8 Hi (Disney Special Edition)
Denims, Trucker Jacket – Levi’s

Levis Denim on Denim

Levi's Denim on Denim

Disney Vans Sk8 Hi



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