Vans X Nintendo – Blast From The Past

We check out 4 of our favourite themes on the nostalgic Vans X Nintendo sneaker drop. A true blast from the past!

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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is an 8-bit game console. Nintendo are the world’s oldest gaming company. The legendary sneaker maker, and gaming company dish out a vintage take on some of the most recognised silhouettes using iconic video game characters. Damn Daniel!

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Vans has slowly but surely been creeping up on the usual suspects (Nike and adidas) in the fashion scene. Their emergence in street style images and in the very recent Spring/Summer 2017 shows, collaborations with Supreme and Gosha! All of these have been contributors. There was also the shocking sighting(s) of none other than Kanye, in a pair of trusty old Vans. They have been doing a bunch of relevant and fun collaborations lately.

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
Donkey Kong Authentic Vans

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
NES Controller Sk8 Hi Vans
Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
The 8 Bit design on the trademark Vans wave

I own 2 pairs of Vans, one is the Disney limited edition and the other is a re-issue Van Doren. Because I have chicken legs though, I prefer my sneakers big and bulky. However, every chance I get to kick back and relax my sneakers of choice are the Vans. Because they are low maintenance kicks really. They look better when they are all beaten up. I called out, on my social media posts about 10 days ago that Vans are the next big thing on the scene. And in response people only told me that have always been cool. And I don’t disagree. But they were barely mainstream cool. You know how about 12 months ago, every other influencer, social media celeb and blogger began confessing their love for sneakers? And then they began discovering how all retro sneakers were cool? Well, that is going to happen to Vans pretty soon. And just so you don’t appear to be in the back of the curve, might I recommend you pick yourself a pair of the classic Old Skool all whites?

I picked up the Disney Vans limited edition a while ago. You can check it out here.

When they announced the Nintendo collab, gaming and sneaker fanatics went crazy looking at the teasers. We bring you 4 of our favourites amongst the wider range of iconic video games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt. The graphics stay true to the 8-bit theme and have been applied to all of Vans’ tried and tested sneakers like the Old Skool, Sk8 Hi and Authentics.

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
Duck Hunt Authentic Vans
Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
Console Old Skool Vans

The 4 designs that we look at are the NES Controller Sk8 Hi, the Console Old Skool, the Authentic in Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong.

The best part of the sneaker, I am sure for a whole bunch of folks, is the GAME OVER! print on the outer soles. That is the icing on the already delicious cake.

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
The Duck Hunt Vans has a camo theme.

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast

Go on and indulge in some much needed nostalgia. Even if you are too young to be nostalgic (or even know the relevance) about these video games, do it because these kicks are way too cool!

Sneakers and Tee by Vans

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Game Over!

Nintendo Vans Authentic Duck Hunt

Nintendo Vans Authentic Donkey Kong

Vans Nintendo Sk8 Hi

Nintendo Vans Old Skool 8 Bit

Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast
The Donkey Kong tee by Vans X Nintendo
Vans X Nintendo Hypebeast

Nintendo Vans Collaboration



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