Ride The World – The Captain KYSO Tee That Celebrates My Trotting!

If you are connected to me in any form of social media at all, it is common knowledge that I have moved cities in pursuit of my dreams. I think I have beaten to death, resurrected and then beaten to death again the fact  of it all. Having said that, the move to Bangalore has been quite delightful. Not that I don’t miss Bombay. I made a trip only a couple of weekends ago to chill with friends. Alright fine, I went to pack up my belongings and ship them. But it felt like I never left.

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Bangalore on the other hand has opened my eyes to life on a different level. A life where I wear shorts to work on a Monday. Where I grab a drink at a micro brewery, mid-week. Where my alcohol consumption has switched from sangria to freshly brewed beers in flavors like Jaggery, Basmati, Mango, you name it. And I walk around a lot, instead of rely on my car.

Celebrating my trot across new states and experiences, is this tee that the kind folks at Captain KYSO sent over to me. KYSO stands for Keep Your Shirt On, by the way. What a fun name, huh? This tee for me, was love at first sight. The print is fun and the material soft.

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They retail online and ship worldwide. The artwork on these Captain KYSO tees is done by artists who are part of their broader community. Be it science fiction, pop culture riffs, sports or funny tees, they have them all. And the best part? They are reasonably priced. Check it out for yourself, here.

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This was the first time I was shooting with Rajeev Naidu and we shot at 0630 in the morning. What an unholy hour! Explains the grumpy expression on my face. Heh.

This is a sponsored post
Edit: The tee, after one wash in the machine, lost its alignment on the sides. This is quite common of crew neck tees and something I have experienced even with brands like Lacoste. But doesn’t mean it should be acceptable.

Outfit Details
Tee by Captain KYSO
Shoes from Vans
Shorts from Jack and Jones
Backpack from Hidesign
Watch from G Shock
Sunglasses from RayBan

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