Quirk Box Spring Summer 2015 Menswear – The Typewriter Shirt

Typewriters don’t browse, stream, feed, log or record, or issue distracting alerts


The debate of typewriters versus computers is done to death. I can even recollect being given this topic as an essay when I was back in college. Technical sensibilities aside, nothing beats the feeling of punching the keys on a typewriter and going on to the next line with a flick of the carriage return lever. Google it, if you don’t know what it is.


I was introduced to Quirk Box as a brand by Abhik B, at a sandwich making competition no less. He now runs a fun food blog titled Boiled Eggs and Belvedere. So we exchanged numbers and when we met at his place for dinner a week later I saw his amazing art collection as well as the shirts and jackets from Quirk Box. It was love. Sadly for me, Quirk Box wasn’t making clothes for men and what they had were all sold out. I had to be content with the art work that I could order from them.

Flash forward to Spring Summer 2015. While I was covering style at the Fashion Week, I bumped into Rixi Bhatia who was kind enough to run me through the entire collection. What caught my fancy was the prints for men that had gotten (more) interesting. I had fun teaming the Typewriter shirt with my distressed denims and Adidas Originals Gazelle sneakers. To keep with the retro feel, I also strapped on a Tag Hack Heuer Edition Automatic.


Apart from being Quirky and fun, the outfits are also extremely summer friendly. Knowing the humidity in Bombay city, I dreaded the day shoot. But the fabric was light and easy to the touch. It breathed quite well.

Being the first male blogger to ever be featured in Quirk Box, had me gushing like a teen at a Nick Jonas concert!

Next stop for me is going to be the Quirk Box Gold collection and I have my eyes on their post card shorts. Can. Not. Wait.

Watch this space for more.

Shot by Deepak Singh for Bowties and Bones





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