My last hours in Bombay timed by the Tag Heuer SpaceX

By now, it is common knowledge that I have exited Maximum city to chase my dreams in Fashion.

I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and do something disruptive. I joined India’s most loved Fashion Discovery App – Wooplr. This required me to leave behind my friends and memories of Bombay and move to Bangalore. Of course, the sky high rents in the city didn’t help in retaining me any longer.

Ed Hardy17

Tag Heuer, graciously let me test drive the SpaceX over my last weekend in Bombay and that is something I truly appreciated. In 1962, Heuer became the first Swiss watchmaker in space. John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch when he piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft on the first US manned space flight to orbit the earth.[7] This stopwatch was the back-up clock for the mission and was started manually by Glenn 20 seconds into the flight. It is currently on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

So here goes, the memorable few hours as I made my exit from my wrist’s point of view.

A New York minute at Eddies Bistro in Bandra


Keeping my distressed Ed Hardy denims company
The breathtakingly beautiful back of the SpaceX
The quintessential cutting chai of Bombay with Photographer Deepak Singh
My tattoo stencils at Kraayonz Studio
Street side South Indian Breakfast for the win!
Big Bears need energy to cycle in Summer!
There is always time for loving greedy Scratch and his walk
Punching out of my corporate job of 9 years!
Getting the car cleaned up for the road trip
Moving cities doesn’t mean you can ignore the blog or your favourite frappe
Can’t ignore that beef bagel either at Bandra
Too humid to be chilling like Ronald. But you know he’s a bad ass!
Bidding farewell to my home of 7 years 😦
A 1200 km drive without Red Bull? No way!
Shorts, Sunscreen and my favourite time piece! Farewell Bombay!

All of the images were shot with my iPhone 6.


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