How to shop for the perfect shirt online – My experiment with a new brand : Strawlous

I was never an online shopper. Because of my body type. I always try out my outfits before I buy them. I am built stout, have large arms, a debatable rack, narrow waist, thunder thigh and skinny legs. Haha. Can it get worse? I guess it already is, but more on that some other time.

SRAWLOUS (28 of 30)

SRAWLOUS (29 of 30)

Lately though, I have been buying a lot of work out gear online. I even shopped for some Quirk Box shirts. But then I already knew how they fit. And that got me thinking – How do men shop online. Every brand has a different fit theory. And then it struck me – A how to shop online guide.

The key to buying right is only one thing – Measurement!

The second important fact – chest size.


That’s right, Chest Size. The 40 you read on your shirts isn’t your shoulder in cms. It is your chest in inches. If the chest fits, everything else falls in place. Assuming your belly isn’t too large. Too, being the key word.

I decided to try a brand I had no experience with – Strawlous. They are sold exclusively on Koovs and have interesting prints. I decided to risk it and picked 2 shirts to style.

I normally wear an M but nonetheless measured my chest with a tape and it came in at 40, which equated to an L in Strawlous. I referred to their size guide. The shirts arrived and they fit pretty well. In fact, they make me look buff. Don’t you just love when that happens?

SRAWLOUS (10 of 30)

That is the trick men, simple as it sounds. Give it a shot, buy yourself a measuring tape and go out there on the www clickity click!


A bit about Strawlous I discovered when I researched them.

Strawlous shirts are designed in Europe, for the Indian market and are made using the finest mercerised 100% cotton fabric, custom made buttons, embroideries and intricate detailing. Their shirts are aimed at the 25-35 year old male demographic who doesn’t change style with season.

You can shop for Strawlous here.

They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Denims and Leather Jacket by Jack and Jones
Boat shoes by Clarks
Slip on sneakers by Vans Doren

This is a sponsored post.

Shot by Rajeev

SRAWLOUS (4 of 30)

SRAWLOUS (9 of 30)

SRAWLOUS (8 of 30)


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